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Excel WEBSERVICE Function

Author: Zhoumandy Last Modified: 2022-09-05

The WEBSERVICE Function returns data from a web service.

webservice-function 1




  • Url (required):Required. The URL of the web service to call.

Return Value

The WEBSERVICE function returns the result of the Web Service.

Function notes

  1. The WEBSERVICE function is introduced in Excel 2013. Therefore, it is unavailable in earlier Excel versions. And it is not available in Excel for the web or Excel for Mac, either.
  2. The WEBSERVICE function may appear in Excel for Mac's library, but it doesn’t return results on Mac because it relies on Windows operating system functionality.
  3. The supplied url argument can be a cell reference or a value enclosed in double quotation marks.
  4. The #VALUE! error value occurs if one of the situations occurs:
    • the supplied url argument is unable to return data;
    • the supplied url argument results in a string that is not valid;
    • the supplied url argument results in a string that contains more than 32767 characters, which is the allowable cell limit of Excel;
    • the supplied url argument is a string containing more than 2048 characters allowed for a GET request;
    • the supplied url argument contains the protocols that aren’t supported, such as ftp:// or file://.


As the below screenshot shows, there is a URL in cell B5. To retrieve data from this URL, please do as follows.

1. Please copy the formula below into cell D5, then press the Enter key to get the result.


webservice-function 2

Note: We can also directly input a value in the formula. For example, the formula in cell D5 can be changed to:


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