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  Thursday, 20 February 2020
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I'm attaching excel file for your reference.

In the attached spreadsheet I've applied a drop down in cell B11, H11 an and J11. Upon selecting the required drop down from the available list, the path for "FromPath" and "ToPath" is getting updated in cell C3 and C7. Later I used to click on "COPY TO SHAREPOINT" button, which then runs the macro to copy the files to SharePoint.

This is how it works, if I need to copy "A" supplier files to SharePoint, I've to select "A" from the supplier name drop down. Similarly to copy "B" supplier files to SharePoint, I've to again select "B" supplier from drop down (this is one-by-one activity)

Now the requirement is to copy random supplier files to SharePoint. at one go.

For e.g. - if I want to copy files for supplier C, D, E and F from shared drive to SharePoint, I should have an option to select C, D, E and F and copy only that files to this respective folders on SharePoint at one go, rather than copying one by one.

UPDATE SUPPLIER NAME button is used to update any new supplier name created to Shared Drive, same gets updated in M column in spreadsheet

Note : I manually copy Outlook emails (because there is no uniqueness) to respective supplier name folders on Shared Drive.
My Shared Folder are - BackUp of Suppliers > A, B, C, D, E......... (i.e. supplier name folders) > 2018, 2019 and 2020 folders.

This year emails will be copied to 2020 folder.
3 years ago
While SPD workflows does not have an action to move a file you can do it indirectly by using the REST API from the workflow.
A few years back I've created a similar solution for a client this way.
The endpoint you want to use is this:
_api/web/folders/GetByUrl('Original Document Location')/Files/getbyurl('//')/CopyTo(strNewUrl='/sites/Meetingsite/DocumentNewLocation/Test.pdf',bOverWrite=true)
Venturing into the whole 'call the rest api from a workflow' can be somewhat daunting at first, but it's actually not that bad - and by now theres quite a few ressources to be found online to help you out.
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