Saturday, 16 October 2021
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can someone help my with this Q
see post!

Thanks for this. It has worked well, except that it changes my sheet protection settings every time I run it. I have my sheet protected, but set to allow users to format cells, columns, and rows; but after running this code, the protection is set back to the default. How can I retain my settings?You have to modify the .protect code by adding allow the criteria you want.Worksheets("Sheet1").Protect,:=False, AllowInsertingColumns:=False, AllowInsertingRows:=False,:=False, AllowFiltering:=False,

  • Mic@sha · 17 days ago So please help my with the correct code if possible, cant get it to work with AllowInsertingRows.Protect ("Welkom") and then?????? bit of a nob tot thismy worksheet (tabs)  is called for example P&A or BIOP

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