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  Tuesday, 07 November 2017
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I have found the "Copy Rows To New Sheet If Column Contains Specified Text/Value In Excel" tool, but I am actually looking to copy the row into an existing sheet, based on a column. As an example, I would like to have a sheet where all data would be entered and the separated in between the sheets, based on the name listed in column F, that would match the name of the sheet...

Is there a way to do so?

6 years ago
Can you please try to create some sample data in an Excel file to demonstrate the operation?
Or please try to create some screenshots to demonstrate the operation.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Jay,

I have attached the image since I am unable to attach any XLSX Files:

In other words, I would like to use the INVOICES sheet to enter the data, that would automatically copied and pasted to the sheet that corresponds to the Column A of the INVOICES sheet. In other words, I would love an automatic filter that would spread the information contained in the INVOICES Sheet in between the Account Name Sheets...

Same as this one but in EXISTING sheets.
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