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Good news! Kutools for Outlook 12.00 is released with new handy features and excellent improvements! You can upgrade to or have a free trial of this version by downloading from here.

New Features

Count Selected Items

This utility can not only count the total number of selected items, but also get the number of read and unread items as well. See screenshot:

Remind me when I send a message that’s missing attachments

By default, Outlook can determine whether an email is missing an attachment and pop up warning when you sending an email with keywords of “attachment” or “attached” in the subject or body.

But with this utility, you can create your own key words for missing attachment warning. When sending an email with your specified keywords in the email subject or body without an attachment, a warning dialog will pop up to remind you that you may have forgotten to attach a file.

Restore All Detached Attachments

This utility can help to restore all attachments back to the emails after detaching them with the Detach All attachments feature.

Save All Attachments

This handy feature helps to save attachments in a selected email or multiple selected emails to a specific folder.
Besides, it supports to save some attachments with specified extensions. See screenshot:

Select the greetings

This option helps to select the greeting when it is automatically inserted into a replied email body.

Only detach attachments with certain extensions

This option helps to only detach attachments from selected email(s) with certain extensions.
For example, to detach the attachments of .txt file and .docx file only from emails, enable this option and enter .txt;.docx into the text box will get it done. See screenshot:

Attachment icon is still remained in the emails

This option helps to keep the attachment icons remained in the emails after detaching all the attachments.

Auto Detach Attachments

This handy feature helps to automatically detach attachments when emails arriving.
1. It supports to auto detach all attachments when receiving emails. With this option, all attachments will be detached and saved into a specific destination folder.

2. It also supports to auto detach attachments by creating some custom rules when receiving emails. With this option, you can specify different folders to save the detached attachments from different senders.

Advanced Search

This powerful utility can help to search and filter specific Emails, Contacts, Tasks, Appointments and Meetings by one or more criteria at the same time. It supports to save each group of search criteria as a scenario, and you can easily edit and reuse the scenario in the future.


1. Show hint dialog

Supports to enable or disable hint dialog for certain features.

2. AutoText

The right-clicking menu is added into the autotext entry section.


1. Fixed: Error message warning pops out when applying the Signature to Contact feature.
2. Other minor bugs.
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