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unanswered adding 1 more criiteria to current formula

1 year 1 month ago #2194 by Paddy
how can i adapt my formula to include 1 more column? my present formula is =SUMPRODUCT(--(B$2:B2&E$2:E2=B2&E2),J$2:J2) How can i include
cell G2 ? this is what i came up with but it dont work just returns a 0 -
=SUMPRODUCT(--(B$2:B2&E$2:E2&G2:G2="Yc"=B2&E2&G2),J$2:J2)B is a a teamE is a playerG is Yellow cardJ is always a number 1 if he has received a yellow card during the game so when all those criterias match it returns 1 and when it next meet the
first formula above works brill only i need to add g2 i dont need
anything else changed only include G2 in formula

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