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unanswered Automatically creating worksheets based on a list in excel

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1 year 1 month ago #1548 by jasti1000@gmail.com

Please help me

I currently have two tabs on my spreadsheet, "List" & "Template".

• I would like to create a macro that creates a new worksheet based upon a list of information (names and last names) in the "List" tab starting with cell B3 and ending with cell B183.

◘ The macro would select the contents in cell B3 from the "List" tab,
◘ create a new worksheet,
◘ rename the new worksheet to contents of "List" B3,
◘ copy the "Template" worksheet,
◘ paste the "Template" in the new worksheet (that is now renamed from "List" cell B3).
◘ And add the contents of B3 from the "List", to the newly created worksheet (in a specified place),
◘ and then continue on to cell B4 and so on...

Please tell me if this can be done

Thank You

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