unanswered Re: Excel for Mac 2016: make active cell blink

10 months 2 weeks ago #1852 by JD

In "Excel for Mac 2016" how to make the current cell (the one the cursor is in) blink?

I use an "Excel for Mac 2016" spreadsheet for taking inventory.  I walk around with
my little laptop, count, enter, continue.

The problem is that with all the various cells in my complex-looking, multi-colored
spreadsheet, I lose my place easily and have to hunt around the page looking for
where to enter the next count.

If the current cell where the cursor is would blink, then I would have an easy way
to locate myself again.

I'd enter the count into the blinking field, cursor-down, and the next empty field
would blink, waiting for me to do my count and continue.

Anyone have a way to do this?


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