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unanswered Convert all formula cell references to newly assigned names

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3 months 4 weeks ago #1957 by james.r.walker@gmail.com
Convert all formula cell references to newly assigned names was created by james.r.walker@gmail.com
I inherited a spreadsheet to maintain.  The author, who no longer works here, did not use any names, so the cells are loaded with formulas like:


The first thing that I did was to start working on a copy of the spreadsheet.  Then:
    1) Created a new column with the name assigned to the cell in the row containing the cell. This allows viewing cell names at a glance.
    2) Created a new column with Excel FORMULATEXT function to see the value and formula at the same time.

I assigned names to the cells used in formulas.   When creating a new cell formula, EXCEL used its assigned name in formulas that now reference it.  However, old formulas referring to the newly named cell were not updated. 

Spent a long time searching for a way to update old formulas with newly assigned names.  Always search Kutools first and usually find what I want to do can be done with Kutools.   In this case,  there is a  Kutools "Convert formula References",  but it converts:  To absolute: To relative; To column absolute; and To row absolute.   It has no option to convert to names.

Finally, gave up searching for a solution and manually did all the Finds and Replaces.  As each Replace was done, the results were shown in the formulas column.  So, I knew the additional Replaces that still needed to be done.  It took a very long time because the cells reference types were not consistent in the formulas.

Question:  Is there a way to convert all formula cell references to newly assigned names with Excel or Kutools?

Suggestion:  If not already available, create a Kutools "Convert formula References" option to update all formula cell references to their names.

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