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normal Splitting Cell Data

1 year 4 months ago #1385 by qiuhongkun
Replied by qiuhongkun on topic Splitting Cell Data
Sorry, we don't have such feature yet.:)

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1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #1376 by debra.hunter.ca@gmail.com
Splitting Cell Data was created by debra.hunter.ca@gmail.com
I have an excel cell that contains the following:
Automatic Shutdown Override Feature
10.29.18 - Sent letter to NF to request this spec update. Item with LA for processing.
4.24.18 - Decision made to move the tracking of the low state of charger or other visual indicators for the drivers to the MRL item number 133. NF proposes to make a specification update to the electric buses to change the requirement for an automatic shutdown override feature due to the way electric buses slowly derate and therefore an override button is not applicable.
3.6.18 - During weekly call Paul reviewed the graph that was email (by Becky) to BlueSky. Team discussed various questions and answers and Paul shared that the parameters are adjustable within the programming. Action for customer: RedSky to determine at what level they want to low SOC indicator to come on.
2.20.18 - Paul has received the information from XXXXX and will be putting this into a graph this week.
2.6.18 - Paul still waiting on data from XXXXX
1.23.18 - Waiting for XXXXX to provide the data to Paul so he can create the requested graph.
1.9.18 - Prince shared that for the high temperature light there is a warning light but no Audible alarm. Paul C shared that once de-rate begins the bus will have approximately 3 more miles to go before it will enter creep mode. Paul will provide a graph to show worst case scenario for load and grade to how swiftly it will derate the bus in the high temp scenario. Prince will determine if an alarm can be added when bus enters de-rate mode.
12.12.17 - During the PPM, RedRadioFlyer reviewed the configuration for High Voltage batteries and how an automatic shutdown feature and corresponding override switch is not required on a battery bus platform due to the de-rate process, and is highly discouraged. RedSky requested to simulate the derate process on the pilot bus. Engineering will ensure this is done.

BlueSky asked if the warning light for high temperature is also an alarm. Prince and Paul have this action item with RedRadioFlyer.

LA also wants to know the grade level that a bus couldn't tackle when in de-rate mode and at what level of de-rate.

The content is one cell in a row of data. I need each dated comment to be a separate row. Is there a kutool that will help me?
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