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  Tuesday, 24 September 2019
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Hello All,

I am trying to create a tracker in excel. Im not an expert so I am looking for help. I have created a drop down list of 5 items in sheet 1, A2. I have also created 5 columns with same item names as per the list, When I select the 1st item in sheet 1 A2, I want the date to be displayed in the Item name column. ex: drop down list consists of words like, "Hello, Thank you, New, Old, Young". I have also created columns with same name, "Hello, Thank you, New, Old", You. So when I select "Hello", date should be displayed in "Hello" column, when I select "Thank you" date should be displayed in "Thank you" column and so on.. However, once the date is displayed under the said column it should be locked, so when I select the same value tomorrow it should not update the date in same column,  excel.png excel.png excel.png
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