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question-circle Excel crashes on downloaded files and Access doesn't work

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3 years 7 months ago #845 by
My email has been ignored so I have to seek some help here...

I have Office Tabs Enterprise 13.10 (64 bit) running on Office 2016 64-bit / Windows 10 Pro 1703 64-bit.

I am happy with this product so far, except there are two issues:
  1. Excel crashes when I try to open a downloaded file or a network file. I have to first disable the Tabs, open that file, save it, and re-enable Tabs. This is kind of tedious when I try to open email attachments.
  2. Access shows only a single tab. If I close that tab, Access closes with it. If I open another file, Access fires up another instance of itself with a single tab of the new file, it's like the Tabs were never installed.

With Excel, I'm guessing it probably has something to do with trusted documents? With Access, I have no idea.
Any ways to get around this?

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