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counting non-blank cells in a column

3 months 3 weeks ago - 3 months 3 weeks ago #1333 by Dan
Hi all,

I want to plug a generic version of this formula =COUNTIF(AB5:AB938,"*") into any cell in a column and have it count the number of non-blank cells in that column WITHOUT having to change the column designation in the formula. In other words plug the same generic formula in and have it figure out the column letters it is in by itself. So in this example if I place the GENERIC formula into a cell in column ZZ it would automatically insert ZZ1:ZZ938 for example where the AB5:AB938 is now. I tried using the COLUMN command to import the column letter into the formula but my syntax must obviously be off.

So I want a GENERIC formula to place in a cell that will count the number of non-blank cells in that column WITHOUT having to type in the actual column letter.The current sheet I am working on has over 600 columns and I really would just like to cut and paste the GENERIC formula in without having to type in each column's letter (such as ZZ1:ZZ938) into the formula. Hope that is clear.

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