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通常の Excel Formula

2 months 4 days ago - 2 months 4 days ago #1881 by LtSplinter
Replied by LtSplinter on topic Excel Formula
Your image file doesn't work so i'm only guessing here.
If all you need to do is extract the first 6 characters and then the last 6 would something like the following work? If the length is always the same then this will work but if characters are added or removed in difference cells this won't be a fix all.
=RIGHT(A4,LEN(A4)-7) - This removes characters left to right
=LEFT(A4,LEN(A4)-7) - This removes characters right to left
A4 being the cell that you are removing characters from
-7 is how many characters you are removing from the cell.
If you are left with spaces you can put the following
=TRIM(RIGHT(A3,LEN(A3)-7)) - This will remove spaces from the beginning.
Alternatively if there are characters left over that are common throughout you can try
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3 months 3 days ago #1815 by planetae
Excel Formula was created by planetae
I would like to see if anyone would be able to help me get an Excel formula:  
I need to Extract the first 6 characters from a specific row and the last 6 characters also from that row but will need to skip blank cells. 
For Example: Based on the attached screenshot. I need a Start Date (AG2) and End Date AG2 from the following range AI2:AN2 which would give me Start Date of 08-Jun and End Date of 19-Jul.   

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