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Tabs for Excel - Open Multiple Workbooks in a Tabbed Window

Tabs for Excel: It's a handy add-in software for Microsoft® Excel®, which will brings tabs to Excel and manages multiple open workbooks within a single window. With the tabbed browsing and tabbed editing, Tabs for Excel helps improving the ability of Microsoft Excel, and brings the tabbed user interface to Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365.


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office_icon_2Tabbed Managing

Brings Tabbed User Interface for Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010 - Tabs for Excel helps you to open, read, edit and manage multiple documents in a tabbed window.

excel-tabHigh Efficiency

Quickly rename open workbook name;
Show full workbook Name;
Save/close all workbooks;
Open more than one tabbed window in Excel.

easy_to_useEasy to Use

Functional Right-clicking Menu;
All-in-one setting center;
Customizable tab appearance;
Numerous mouse functions;
Plenty of Excel keyboard shortcuts;

Tab for Excel works with Microsoft Excel (Screenshots):


Setting Center


Context Menu


Tabs Bar


Tab Layout

More Features:

exceltab111Tabbed editing, reading, and managing workbooks

    Tabs for Excel lets you open workbook to be contained within a tab. Each workbooks appears as a new tab (not a new window).
  • New: double-clicking on the blank space of the tab bar will create a new document to edit.
  • Close: double-clicking on a tab will close the document.
  • Switch: switch between workbooks easily and comfortably.
  • Reorder: Udrag and drop the tab to rearrange the tabs on the tab bar.

Unit Price:

US Dollar:             15.00 USD

Euro:                   11.50 EUR

Pound Sterling:     10.00 GBP

Canadian Dollar:   15.20 CAD

Australian Dollar:  16.50 AUD

setting_centerAll-in-one setting center

screenshot_workbook_tabs_center_style_200 Tabs for Excel features a powerful setting center. Here you may configure all settinigs for the software, such as: To enable / disable the tab feature, use the shortcuts or not, display the tab bar to above / below / left / right position, choose the tab style and customize the tab colors. All there settings can be done in Office Tab Center.

rename_2Easily Rename File

If you want to completely change the name of a workbook, there is no need to open the "Save As" dialog to rename it. Just click "Rename…" from the Right-click menu and enter the new file name; the file name will be changed (the old file will be automatically replaced).

customizingSupports Customizing Feature

Supports tabbed customizing. It is easy to disable / enable the tabbed browser in Microsoft Excel, change the tab bar colors, tab appearance and tab bar position. Tabs for Excel allows users to preview their customizations in Tabs for Excel’ Setting Center immediately.You can put the tab bar on the top, bottom, right or left side of the workspace, hide the tab bar when there is only one tab, show and hide the tab bar by applying a customizable shortcut key (the default shortcut key is “Win + Q”).

popmenusRight-clicking on Tab to Access Context Menu

screenshot_workbook_tabs_popmenus_200The context menu provides plenty of functions using Excel, such as Close, Save, Save as, Rename, Open Excel workbooks in new sheet Window, Lock workbooks, and more. By the way, when you have locked workbook, the tab you choose can not be saved and closed only if you cancel this command. “Open in new Window” means to open the current workbook in a new Excel Window.

saveSave/close all in One Click

Save All Documents, Close All Documents, Close Other Documents, in one click! If you have opened 5 files, you don't need to save and close them one by one, just click "Save All" from the Right-click menu and all files are saved. Want to close all open files? Simply select "Close All” and all files will be closed. Besides, we can lock open workbooks. The locked workbook cannot be saved or closed without your confirmation.

excelFull Workbook Name and New Workbooks

Without Tabs for Excel, if the document name is too long, the Windows taskbar can only display a small part of its name. With Tabs for Excel, you can set the tab to display the whole workbook name no matter how long the workbook name is. Meaningwhile, you can create new document by double-clicking the left button on the blank space on the tab bar; or open a new one according to "New" on the context menu: create a new workbook (it is the same as "New" feature in Microsoft Office).

keyboardPlenty of Excel keyboard shortcuts using Excel spreadsheets

screenshot_workbook_tabs_shortcuts_250It provides plenty of shortcuts and users can customize these shortcuts based on their personal preference.

Press "Win+Q" to hide/display the Tabs bar, press "Ctrl+Tab" to quickly switch between Tabs or press "Alt+N" to quickly select the specific Tabs. ('N' stands for the Order Numbers of the Tabs from left to right on the Tab bar, the ‘N’ just can be the number 1 to 9 and include both 1 and 9).

mouseNumerous mouse functions in the Excel sheet

Tabs for Excel, enables numerous functions by mouse:

  • To build new workbook: double clicking left mouse button on the blank area of tab bar;
  • To close tabs : clicking middle mouse button or double clicking left mouse button on a tab;
  • Select one tab with mouse and drag it to another Tab position on the Excel tab bar in a sheet window.

If only one workbook open, the tab bar will disappear if you set to hide the tab bar when there is only one tabin the setting center. Tabs for Excel will mark the modified workbooks with asterisk (*) in their names, which indicates you to save them before close them.


Supported Operating Systems

Tabs for Excel is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2003, Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 (32/64) on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 system.

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