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Quickly create a data entry form in Excel

Author: Sun Last Modified: 2023-03-17

Kutools for Excel

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If there is a big table containing multiple columns of data, you have to drag the scroll bar to view the whole contents of each row, which is too inconvenient and easy to miss data. But with our Data Form utility of Kutools for Excel, it displays all data in a row as a page of a form so that the data looks more clearly, and it also supports the data editor.

Create a data entry form

Click Kutools >> Data Form to enable the feature. See screenshot:

doc entry form 01

Create a data entry form

Supposing, you have a big table with multiple columns of data as the below screenshot shows. To avoid dragging the scroll bar to view the whole contents of each row and quickly edit specific cell, we need to create a data entry form. Please do as follows.

doc entry form 03

1. Click at a cell or a range of the table that you want to create a data entry form.

2. Then apply this feature by clicking Kutools > Data Form, and it opens the Data Form dialog box.

doc entry form 02

3. Click the drop-down list of Scope to set the working scope.

  • Current range of active cell: the current range of the active cell will be displayed in the window. By default, if you choose one cell, this option will be selected.
  • Current range: only the data in the selected range will be displayed in the window.
  • Current sheet: all data of the active sheet will be displayed in the window.

doc entry form 04

4. doc entry form 05Here shows the number of all rows of data for you, in the textbox, you can type the specified row number that you want to view the data.

5. Click the New button, you can add a new blank row above the current row, then you can click at the textboxes in the Value section to type new data one by one.

doc entry form 08

What’s more, there are more options you can apply:

  • Apply button: click this button, the changes you make in the Data Form window (including data changes and rows adding) will be synchronized to the original table. Or after you make changes in the Data Form window, you can just click the Enter key on the keyboard, or move the mouse from the current Value box to another data entry, to save and synchronize the changes.
  • Undo cell, Undo entire row buttons: these two buttons are used to reset data to the original data. If you click the Undo cell button, the changes you made in current cell will be undone. If you click the Undo entire row button, the entire row will be restored back. 
  • Previous one, Next one buttons: click to show the data in the preview or next row.
  • Previous page, Next page buttons: click to show the data of the row in the previous page or next page of the current sheet.
  • Delete button: click this button to immediately delete the current row.
  • Close button: click this button to exit the Data Form utility.

Note: The hidden rows and columns cannot be viewed in the Data Form window.

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