Easily encrypt and decrypt selected cell values or contents in Excel

Supposing you have a workbook which contains some important information couldn't be viewed by others. In this case, you would like to encrypt the cell contents, but Excel doesn't have a function for encrypting the cell contents. With Kutools for Excel’s Encrypt Cells and Decrypt Cells utility, you can quickly encrypt the selected cell values and decrypt the cell contents.

Encrypt the selected cell contents

Decrypt the selected cells that have been encrypted with Encrypt Cells

arrow blue right bubble Encrypt the selected cell contents

1. Select the range that you want to encrypt.

2. Apply this utility by clicking Enterprise > Encrypt Cells. See screenshots:

3. Please type in the password in the Encrypt Cells dialog box, and click OK or Apply button to encrypt the cells. Note: The password can be letters, numbers and special characters. You will see the selected cells have been encrypted as follows, see screenshots:




Note: If a cell contains formula will not be encrypted.

arrow blue right bubble Decrypt the selected cells that have been encrypted with Encrypt Cells

The encrypted cells that have been encrypted with Encrypt Cells can only be decrypted with the Decrypt Cells utility.

1. Please select the cells which have been encrypted with Encrypt Cells.

2. Click Enterprise > Decrypt Cells to apply this utility. See screenshots:

3. Type in the password and click OK. You will see the encrypted cells values become as follows, see screenshots:




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Kutools for Excel

The functionality described above is just one of 200 powerful functions of Kutools for Excel.

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Permalink 0 Jason Hall
The password for MiniMall is clearly the same no matter what line is used. Ever heard of Cipher Block Chaining? Look it up. It would nearly eliminate the possibility of two lines being the same even with the same password.
2014-10-02 19:41 Reply Reply with quote Quote
Permalink 0 Mark K
We would like to prevent someone FORGETING to encrypt the cells after they finished working with the document. Is it possible to get cells automatically encrypted once document is closed.
2014-11-11 03:34 Reply Reply with quote Quote

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