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Quickly insert multiple checkboxes at once in Excel

Author: Xiaoyang Last Modified: 2019-11-08

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Checkboxes are useful for you to mark some information in Excel, but, how could you insert multiple checkboxes into worksheet range at once? Kutools for Excel supports a handy tool Batch Insert Check box, with it, you can insert multiple checkboxes in a range cells quickly and neatly.

Click Kutools >> Insert >> Batch Insert Check Boxes, see screenshot:


1. Select the range cells that you want to insert the checkboxes.

2. And then apply this function by clicking Kutools > Insert > Batch Insert Check Boxes, and all the cells have been filled with the checkboxes, see screenshots:

shot-insert-multiple-checkboxes2 -2 shot-insert-multiple-checkboxes3


1. This feature supports Undo;

2. Using this feature, you can also insert the checkboxes into the same cells with the values. Select the values cells and then apply this Batch Insert Check Boxes tool, and the checkbox will be inserted before the cell value in the same cell:

shot-insert-multiple-checkboxes2 -2 shot-insert-multiple-checkboxes3

3. This feature is unavailable in Page Layout view as following screenshot shown:

To activate this utility, please just change the Page Layout view to Normal view under the View tab.


Quickly insert / delete multiple checkboxes at once

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Screen shot of Kutools for Excel

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This is a great function, but now I have to individually right click on each checkbox and choose Format Control, then manually set the cell that's linked to the checkbox. Without doing this, the checkboxes inserted by Kutools look pretty, but they're useless for functions.
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Hello friend,
Glad to help. You can use the below VBA to link checkboxs to multiple cells:

Sub LinkChecks()
'Update by Extendoffice
i = 2
For Each cb In ActiveSheet.CheckBoxes
cb.LinkedCell = Cells(i, "B").Address
i = i + 1
Next cb
End Sub

Please have a try. Thanks.

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To whom it may concern. Is there any way to use the checkbox state in a formula like the if(function). For example, if the check box is checked, place "completed in cell f4. Do I have to manually create a cell link for each checkbox?
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