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Easily create a matrix bubble chart in Excel

Author: Siluvia Last Modified: 2020-08-04

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Matrix bubble chart is often used for displaying data with more data series in Excel. If you want to create a matrix bubble chart in Excel, here highly recommend the Matrix Bubble Chart utility of Kutools for Excel. With this feature, a matric bubble chart can be created with several clicks only.

Easily create a matrix bubble chart in Excel

Supposing you want to create a matrix bubble chart based on the data as the below screenshot shown, please do as follows to create a matrix bubble chart in Excel.

1. Click Kutools > Charts > Difference Comparison > Matrix Bubble Chart.
Tips: You also can select the data range in advance and then enable the feature.

2. In the popping up Matrix Bubble Chart dialog box, please configure as follows.

Note: If you have selected the data range in step 1, the data range will be displayed in the Data range box automatically.

2.1) In the Data range box, please select the range you want to create a matrix bubble chart based on (including the column and row headers);
2.2) By default, the Show data labels checkbox is ticked. If you don’t want to display the data labels in the chart, please untick this box;
2.3) Click the OK button to create the matrix bubble chart.


1) By default, the bubbles are vary colors. If you want to display all bubbles in the same color, please check the Set color box and then specify a color from the drop-down list;
2) You can check the Switch rows/columns to switch the X-axis and Y-axis as you need.
3) Click the Example button to open the matrix bubble chart sample.

Now the matrix bubble chart is created in current worksheet.

Note: When creating matrix bubble chart in Excel 2007 and 2010, the x and y-axis values in the chart will not dynamically change with the cell values.


Change the bubble size

Normally, the bubble size is scaled to 50%. If you want to change the bubble size, please do as follows.

1. Right click on any of the bubbles in the chart, and then select Format Data Labels from the context menu.

2. In the opening Format Data Series pane, enter the new bubble size into the Scale bubble size to box to meet your need.

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