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Manage Excel workbook passwords used to open files for combining and conversion

In Excel, if you do not want other users to open your workbooks, you can set an opening password to prevent others opening workbooks. However, it will be quite troublesome to enter opening passwords time after time when you need to open multiple such password protected workbooks, says open multiple workbooks and combine, etc. Here, Kutools for Excel provides a useful auxiliary utility, Password Manager, which supports recording and editing workbook passwords, and helps open those password protected workbooks directly when applying Combine Worksheets and File Format Converter utilities.

Applying Password Manager by clicking Kutools Plus > Passwords Manage > Password Manager.

1. Click Kutools Plus > Passwords Manage > Password Manager to enable the Password Manager dialog.

2. In the opening Password Manager dialog box, please configure as follows:

2.1) Click the Add button to display the Kutools for Excel - Add dialog. In this dialog, you need to:
  • In the Label box, type in descriptions to remark the password, which can help to easily manage it in the future;
  • In the Password box, enter the password (you can click the eye button to display the password you typing);
  • It is optional to enable one or both of the Workbook Name and the Workbook Path boxes.
    Workbook Name: If adding a workbook name with file extension, when open the same name workbook, the saved password will populate into the Password box automatically.
    Workbook Path: If adding the workbook path at the same time, the password only populates when the workbook path and workbook name exactly match as you specified.
  • Click OK. See screenshot:
2.2) When it returns to the Password Manager dialog box, repeat the above step to add the other passwords, and then click the OK button to save the passwords.


1. shot password manager 6: Select a password, click this button to open the Kutools for Excel - Edit dialog, and then you can edit the password.
2. shot password manager 7: Select a password, click this button, then you can paste this selected password to other places such as worksheet cell, Word document and so on with pressing Ctrl + V keys.
3. shot password manager 8: Select a password, click this button to remove it from the dialog.
4. shot password manager 9: Check the Show Password checkbox to show passwords in the list directly.
5. shot password manager 11: Click Up or Down button to move the selected password.
6. shot password manager 12: Click this Master password button, you can set a master password to protect all passwords you list in this dialog.
After setting a master password, you need to enter this password each time you open the workbook and apply the Password Manager utility.
Take attention, if you forget the master password, you can click Remove button to remove the master password, but at the same time, you will lose all added password in Password Manager.
7. : Click this Options button, you will get 4 drop down items:

7.1) Remind password changing or new password:
If this option is enabled, when open an encrypted workbook but the password does not save in the Password Manager, a Kutools for Excel dialog box will pop up to ask whether you want to add the password to the Password manager or not after entering the password into the Password dialog. Click Yes to add the password or No to ignore it.

When open a workbook with password changed but the original password is still saved in the Password Manager, a Kutools for Excel dialog box will pop up to ask whether you want to update the original password saved in the Password Manager. Click Yes to update it or No to ignore it.

After clicking the Yes button, a Kutools for Excel – Add or Kutools for Excel – Edit dialog box pops up, and you can see the encrypted workbook information is filled in the corresponding boxes, click OK to save the information.
7.2 Fill password and open file:
If this option is enabled, when opening an encrypted workbook and the password has been saved in the Password Manager, the password will be filled automatically in the Password dialog box to open the workbook.
7.3) Disable Excel’s own password error box:
If this option is enabled, the Excel’s own password error box (screenshot below) won’t display when using a wrong password to open an encrypted workbook.
7.4) Show the file dialog before reopening the file:
If this option is enabled, when opening an encrypted workbook with wrong password, a File dialog will pop up for you to select another workbook to open.
8. As you can see on the ribbon, by default, the Automatically Fill Password and Remind Password Changing option are enabled, and the Fill Password And Open File option is disabled. You can turn off or on these options directly on the ribbon without get into the Password Manager dialog.
9. When entering a wrong password to open an encrypted workbook, a Kutools for Excel dialog box will pop up as the below screenshot shown.
Click Yes, it will try to use the passwords stored in the Password Manager to open the workbook;
Click No will reopen the Password dialog, and you need to manually enter the password again;
Click Cancel to cancel the operation.


When applying the Combine utility of Kutools for Excel to merge the password protected workbooks, if you have added the passwords into the Password Manager firstly, the protected workbooks will be merged successfully. Or you can click Password button in the Combine Worksheets dialog to add passwords directly.

shot password manager 16

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