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Easily create a proportion stacked chart in Excel

Author: Siluvia Last Modified: 2020-08-04

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The proportion stacked chart is an alternative to pie chart, which can visually show proportions of a whole. It is made of 100 squares representing the whole, and the squares can be shaded based on the relation of several parts to a whole. How to create a proportion stacked chart in Excel? Here the Proportion Stacked Chart utility of Kutools for Excel can do you a favor.

Create a proportion stacked chart in Excel

Supposing you have a table containing the products and their sales proportions, and you want to create a proportion stacked chart based on it, please do as follows to get it done.

1. Click Kutools > Charts > Category Comparison > Proportion Stacked Chart to enable the feature.
Tips: You also can select the data range in advance and then enable the feature.

2. In the Proportion Stacked Chart dialog box, please configure as follows.

Note: If you have selected the data range in step 1, ranges will be automatically outputted in the corresponding boxes after enabling the feature. Otherwise, select the ranges one by one manually.

2.1) In the Chart type section, choose a chart type as you need;
2.2) In the Series name box, please select the series name;
2.3) In the Data range box, select the proportion data;
2.4) Click OK. See screenshot:

Note: Click the Example button will open the chart sample workbook.

3. If you select Chart in Chart type section, after clicking the OK button in step 2, a Kutools for Excel dialog box will pop up, please click the Yes button.

And if you select Mini chart in the Chart type section, after clicking the OK button in step 2, a Select data dialog will pop up, please select a cell to output the mini chart, and then click the OK button.

Then the proportion stacked chart is created in current worksheet.

A proportion stacked chart

A mini proportion stacked chart


Change the size and shape of the squares in a proportion stacked chart

After creating the chart, if you want to display all the 100 shapes as ovals instead of squares, and enlarge the ovals, please do as follows.

1. Drag the border of the chart to enlarge it until it reach the size as you need.
2. Click to select one of the color spare (here I select the orange series), right click it and select Format Data Series from the context menu.
Note: As you can see, some of the other color squares are selected too, just ignore them.

3. In the opening Format Data Series pane, you need to:
3.1) Go to the Fill & Line tab;
3.2) Click the Marker tab;
3.3) In the Marker Options section, select an oval from the Type drop-down, and specify the size of the shape;
3.4) In the Fill section, select the Solid fill option, and then specify a new color from the Color drop-down;
3.5) In the Border section, select the No line option.

4. Repeat the step 2 and 3 until the other squares are specified with new shapes and colors.
After formatting, the chart is displayed as the below screenshot shown.

Change the color of the squares in a mini proportion stacked chart.
If you have created a mini proportion stacked chart, here is how to change its colors.
1. Click on any cell in which the mini chart is located.
2. Click Home > Conditional Formatting > Manage Rules.

3. In the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager dialog box, please double click a rule to open it.
Tips: You can select a rule and click the Edit Rule button to open it.

4. In the Edit Formatting Rule dialog, click the Format button to specify a new color for this rule. After specifying the new color, click the OK button in this Edit Formatting Rule dialog to save the changes.

5. Repeat the step 2 and 3 to specify colors to other rules.
After specifying new colors, the mini chart is shown as the below screenshot shown.

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