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Easily Vlookup with multiple criteria in Excel

Normally, you can apply the Vlookup function to lookup the corresponding data in a list based on a specific criterion, but, sometimes, you may need to vlookup the relative value based on multiple criteria as below screenshot shown. If you have Kutools for Excel, with its Multi-condition Lookup feature, you can lookup the matched values in different columns based on multiple criteria with only several clicks in Excel.

Vlookup matching values based on multiple criteria in Excel

Vlookup matching values based on multiple criteria in Excel

To lookup the corresponding values from multiple different columns, please do with the following steps:

1. Click Kutools > Super LOOKUP > Multi-condition Lookup, see screenshot:

2. In the Multi-condition Lookup dialog box, please do the following operations:

(1.) In the Lookup Values section, specify the lookup value range that you want to vlookup values based on;

(2.) In the Output Range section, select the output range where you want to put the matching results;

(3.) In the Key column section, please select the corresponding key columns that contain the lookup values one by one by holding the Ctrl key;

Note: The number of columns selected in the Key column field must be equal to the number of columns selected in the Lookup Values field, and the order of each selected column in the Key column field must correspond one to one with the criteria columns in Lookup Values field.

(4.) In the Return column section, select the column which contain the returned values you need.

3. After finishing the settings, please click OK or Apply, all the matched values based on the multiple criteria have been extracted at once, see screenshot:


If the specific value you lookup doesn't exist, a #N/A value will be displayed. To replace this #N/A error value with another text value, you just need to check Replace #N/A error value with a specified value option, and then type the text you need, if you want to display #N/A as empty, just leave blank in the textbox. See screenshot:

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