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Kutools for Excel: Powerful Excel Toolbox

Kutools for Excel is a powerful Excel toolbox that frees you from performing time-consuming operations in Excel. The toolbox has more than 300 powerful functions for Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and Office 365.

Latest update:  Kutools for Excel 22.00
Date: March 31, 2020
We welcome all questions, feedback and bug reports. We usually need the following information: Contact us
  • A brief description of the issue and how it can be replicated (if applicable).
  • Your Operating system (Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, etc) and the version information of your Microsoft Office.
  • Screenshots that illustrate the problem - How do I take a screenshot? http://www.take-a-screenshot.org

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Kutools for Excel Feature Tutorials:

You can quickly access the feature tutorials by typing in a feature name in the following search box. For example, if you want to know how to use the Reading Layout View, you just need to type in Reading keyword in the search box.

View Group:

Track Snap (Backup Current Workbook): Temporarily backup current workbook at any time
Navigation Pane: List all sheets, workbooks, columns and names
Advanced Find and Replace: Easily find and replace in multiple worksheets and workbooks
Work Area Size: Change working area size quickly
Reading Layout View: Easily reading / viewing a large number of rows and columns
Show Columns: Toggle all hidden columns to be visible or invisible
Show Sheets: Toggle all hidden sheets to be visible or invisible
Hide / Unhide Workbooks and Sheets: Hide or unhide workbooks and worksheets
View Options: Toggle workbook and worksheet settings
Set Scroll Area: Set scroll area (hide unselected columns and rows at once)
Hide Non-selected sheets: Hide all inactive (or all not-selected) worksheets
Hide Inactive Windows: Hide other workbooks (all inactive windows)
Unhide All Ranges: Unhide all rows and columns
Unhide All Worksheets: Show all hidden worksheets
Unhide All Windows: Unhide all hidden workbook windows

Range and Cells Group:

Adjust Cell Size: Set row height or column width in inches, pounds, centimeters or pixels
Merge Same Cells: Merge adjacent cells in a column with same data / value
Unmerge Cell: Unmerge cells and fill down values
Flip Horizontal Range: Flip (reverse) data order of columns or rows
Flip Vertical Range: Flip (reverse) data order of columns or rows
Transpose Table Dimensions: Convert 2-dimensional / cross table to list
Transform Range: Transpose (convert) a single column or row to ranges
Swap Ranges: Swap rows, columns or ranges
Sort Range Randomly: Sort or select cells, rows and columns randomly
Compare Cells: Easily compare two ranges of cells if they are equal or different
Select Same & Different Cells: Comparing two ranges to select duplicate or unique values
Prevent Duplicate: Prevent duplicate entries in a column
Prevent Typing: Easily prevent special or certain characters from being typed in cells
Only allow specific characters to be entered in a range of cells
Copy Ranges: Copy multiple selections or ranges
Convert between Text and Number: Convert / force text to number or number to text
Convert between Roman and Number: Convert between roman numerals and numbers
Convert Formula to Text: Quickly convert cell formulas to text strings
Convert Text to Formula: Quickly convert text string to formula
Convert to Date: Identify and convert date format
Convert Time: Convert time to seconds / minutes / hours
Currency Conversion: Convert currency (USD to EURO / USD to GBP)
Unit Conversion: Convert measurement units
Conversion of Number Systems: Convert between different number systems without using formula
Spell Out Numbers: Convert or spell out a number into English words
Change Sign of Values: Change signs of numbers (Fix trailing negative signs / Change all negative values to positive)
Advanced Combine Rows: Quickly combine rows based on same value
Convert Number to Ordinal: Quickly convert numbers to ordinal numeral
To Actual: Replace formulas with calculated values / results in cells
Round (Without Formula): Round cell values without formula
Combine (Rows & Columns): Combine (merge) multiple columns or rows

Editing Group:

Super Find:
Find specific text strings only in the comments
Find specific text string only in cell value
Find specific text strings only in the formulas
Find cells which contain date type values based on criteria
Find numbers based on criteria
Search specific text values only in hyperlinks
Find all cells with specific cell formatting
Fuzzy Lookup: Find and replace the similar records from a list of cell values
Select Range Helper: Select, deselect, and reverse multiple ranges
Select Interval Rows & Columns: Select interval (every other) rows or columns
Select Merged Cells: Find and select merged cells
Select Last Cells: To select last cell of used range or last cell with data of last row or column
Select Cells with Max or Min Value: Select max or min (smallest or greatest) value cell
Select Cells with Error Value: Select cells with error values
Select Specific Cells: Select specific cells, rows, and Columns
Select Cells with Format: Select cells based on formatting
Select Unlocked Cells: Quickly select all unlocked cells
Select Unblank Cells: Easily select non-blank or non-empty cells
Select Duplicate & Unique Cells: Find duplicate or unique cells/rows in a range
Insert Titles Rows: Insert title rows into a range
Insert Blank Rows & Columns: Insert blank rows or columns every other rows / columns
Insert Date: Insert date with date formatting
Batch Insert Check Box: Quickly insert multiple checkboxes at once
Batch Insert Option Button: Quickly insert multiple option buttons at once
Insert Watermark: Quickly insert and remove watermarks
AutoText: Easily create and insert Auto Text entry
Insert Sequence Numbers: Create and insert unique sequence numbers
Find Missing Sequence Number: Quickly find and fill missing numbers in sequence
Fill Custom Lists: Create custom lists and fill cells with them
List All Combinations: Quickly generate/list all possible combinations of certain lists
Insert Bullet Or Numbering: Quickly Insert Bullets Or Numberings In Multiple Cells In Excel
Insert Random Data: Using random number generator to generate numbers and password
Fill Blank Cells: Fill blank cells with value above or 0
Delete Blank Rows: Remove or delete all blank rows from bottom / a range
Delete Rows & Columns: Delete blank or hidden rows (columns)
Delete Tools: Delete all charts, text boxes and embedded OLE objects
Delete Web Controls: Remove all html objects such as checkbox
Batch Delete Check Box: Remove / delete multiple checkboxes
Batch Delete Option Button: Batch delete option buttons
Remove All Macros: Remove all macros within worksheet or workbook
Batch Remove All Macros: Batch remove or delete all macros from workbooks
Remove Spaces: Remove spaces before / after text or remove extra spaces from text
Change Case: Change case of text to all caps, lower and proper
Subscript numbers in Chemical Formulas: Subscript all numbers in chemical equations correctly
Remove by Position: Remove or delete characters from beginning / end of text strings
Reverse Text Order: Reverse text string or words order
Replace Accented Characters: Replace multiple accented characters with regular chars
Extract Text: Quickly extract certain text from cells
Extract Email Address: Extract email address from text string
Add Text: Add the same text in a range of cells
Split Names: Split first, middle and last names
Split Cells: Quickly split cell contents by space or other delimiters
Delete Characters: Remove numeric, alphabetic, non-printable or alphanumeric characters from cells
Alternate Row / Column Shading: Shade every other row/column
Superscript / Subscript (Formatting): Format text as superscript or subscript
Apply Date Formatting: Apply date formatting to a range of dates
Copy Cell Formatting: Copy a cell formatting from one cell to other cells
Clear All Cells Formatting: Completely clear all formatting of a range cells
Convert Hyperlinks: Extract url links from hyperlinks or to convert plain text links to hyperlinks
Find and Break Broken Links: Find and break broken links (external references)
Delete Hyperlinks: Remove all hyperlinks of ranges, sheets and workbook
Kutools Calculator: Fetches values from cells for operations and paste results into cells
Operation Tools: Apply mathematical operations to a range without formula
Change Comment Shape: Change the shape of comment box
Cell Comment Tools: Modify multiple cell comments
Create Comment List: Quickly extract and list all comments to new worksheet or workbook
Format Comment: Quickly format all comments based on a comment
Find / Replace Comment Text: Quickly find and replace text in comments
Remove / Add User Name in Comment: Quickly change/remove/add author name in comments
Convert Comment and Cell: Quickly convert between cell contents and comments
AutoFit Comment: Automatically resize comment boxes to fit the contents

Formula Group:


Count by Cell Color: Using a function to count / sum cells by fill or font color
Count Char: Count the occurrences of a character in a string
Extract Numbers: Extract numbers from mixed text string with function
Reverse Text: Easily reverse order of characters in a cell with functions
Sum by font bold: Quickly sum bold values / numbers only
Count by font bold: Easily count the number of only bold cells in a range
SUMVISIBLE: Easily sum/count/average visible cells, rows, or columns only


Add hours / minutes / seconds to date: Easily add hours /minutes / seconds to a datetime
Add years / months / days / weeks to date: Add years / months / days / weeks to date
Calculate age based on birthday: Calculate age by date of birth
Sum numbers in a cell: Sum all digits/numbers in a cell
Sum absolute values: Easily sum absolute values in a range
Look for a value in list: Quickly lookup a value and return a different cell from the table
Count weekends between two dates: Quickly count numbers of weekends/weekdays/specific day of week between two dates
Find nth occurrence of a character: Easily find position of nth occurrence of a character in text string
Count words in range: Quickly count the number of words
Find most common value: Quickly count the number of words
Remove time from date: Quickly Remove Time From Date Time Format Permanently

Exact Formula Copy: Copy exact formulas without changing cell references
Convert References: Convert cell reference to relative / absolute reference
Replace Range Names: Replace name in formulas with cell reference
Hide / Unhide Range Name: Easily hide or unhide named range
Error Condition Wizard: Replace formulas error messages with zero, blank cells, or customize text
Dynamically Refer to Worksheets: Quickly Fill cell references from multiple worksheets
Trace Precedents and Dependent: Quickly trace all dependents or precedents

Workbook and Sheets Group:

Workbook Tools

Split Workbook: Split or save each sheet / worksheet from workbook as one separate Excel file
File Format Converter: Convert multiple XLSX files to XLS or PDF files
Insert Workbook Information: Insert file name or path into cell / header or footer
Open Containing Folder: Open current directory / folder of active workbook
Copy Full Path: Copy and insert the active workbook file name and path
Auto Open Those Workbooks Next Time: Automatically open specified workbooks when Excel starts
Combine Worksheets:
1. Combine multiple worksheets / ranges from workbooks into one worksheet
2. Combine / merge all worksheets of same name across workbooks into one worksheet
3. Combine / merge worksheets or workbooks into one workbook
4. Summarize and calculate data from multiple worksheets into one worksheet

Worksheet Tools

Synchronize Worksheets: Synchronously select same cells in all worksheets
Sort Sheets: Sort or arrange sheets / worksheets alphabetically
Freeze Panes Multiple Worksheets: Freeze panes across multiple worksheets
Unfreeze Panes Multiple Worksheets: Unfreeze panes on multiple worksheets
Rename Multiple Worksheets: Rename multiple worksheets
Create List of Sheet Names: Create an index of sheets in active workbook
Copy Multiple Worksheets: Copy or insert multiple worksheets
Create Sequence Worksheets: Create a new workbook with customized worksheet names
Perpetual Calendar: Insert a monthly or a yearly calendar in Excel
Split Data: Split data into multiple sheets
Delete Blank Worksheets: Delete all blank worksheets with one click
Delete All Hidden Sheets: Delete all hidden worksheets with one click
Delete All Inactive Sheets: Delete all sheets except current / active one from workbook
Combine Worksheets: Merge multiple worksheets or workbooks into one workbook
Table Merge: Update Or Merge Tables By Matching Column From Two Worksheets / Workbooks
Export Range to File: Export or save a range as CSV, HTML and Workbook
Export Range as Graphic: Export range as image file
Export Graphics: Save and export charts graphs (pictures or shapes) as JPEG image files
Insert File at Cursor: Insert contents of CSV, Excel, Text or PRN files at cursor position
Filename List: Get and create a list of filenames in a folder or directory
Create Folders Based on Cell Contents: Create folders based on cell values
Print Multiple Workbooks Wizard: Print multiple workbooks from a directory
Print Multiple Selection Wizard: Print multiple ranges / selections into one page
Print Pages in Reverse Order: Easily print pages in reverse order
Insert Page Break Every Row: Quickly insert page break every x rows in Excel worksheet
Add Border to Each Page: Quickly add and print border around each page
Copy Page Setup: Copy and apply page setup settings from one worksheet to others
Paging Subtotals: Inserting and printing subtotals on each printed page
Print First Page of Each Worksheet: Quickly print first page of each worksheet
Import Pictures: Insert multiple pictures into cells and arrange them neatly
Match Import Pictures: Import pictures into cells based on cell value
Print Multiple Columns: Printing a list into multiple columns to fit on each printed page
Print Current Page: Print current printed page of active cell

Security Group:

Encrypt Cells: Encrypt and decrypt selected cell values or contents
Decrypt Cells: Encrypt and decrypt selected cell values or contents
Protect Worksheet: Protect multiple sheets / worksheets at a time
Unprotect Worksheet: Unprotect multiple worksheets / sheets at once
Create Mailing List: Easily Create Mailing List In Excel
Send Emails: Send Emails Based On Mailing List In Excel

Filter & Statistic Group:

Count by Color: Calculate cells value based on cell background or shading color
Paging Subtotals: Inserting and printing subtotals on each printed page
Advanced Sort: Easily sort data by last name / month / frequency / text length
Super Filter: Filter data based on cell value with multiple criteria
Filter Bold: Filter All Cells By Bold Characters
Filter Italic: Filter All Cells By Italics
Filter Strikethrough: Filter Cells With Strikethrough
Filter Comment: Filter All Cells With Comments
Filter Formula: Filter All Cells Which Containing A Formula
Filter Merged: Filter Merged Cells
Special Filter:
Filter Cells By Uppercase / Lowercase
Filter Cells By Text Length
Filter Cells By Workday/Weekend/Specific Day Of The Week
Filter Cells By The Font Color
Filter Cells By The Background Color
Paste into visible range: Copy data and paste into only visible cells / filtered list
Selection Lock: Easily configure cells to be locked or unlocked
Selection Unlock: Easily configure cells to be locked or unlocked
Highlight Unlocked: Quickly highlight / color all unlocked cells
Formulas Hide: Quickly hide or unhide formulas
Formulas Unhide: Quickly hide or unhide formulas
Highlight Hidden: Quickly highlight cells with hidden formulas
Highlight Formulas: Quickly highlight all formula cells
Highlight Names: Quickly highlight all named ranges
Show Headers: Quickly hide and show column and row headers
Show Formulas: Easily show or display all cell formulas
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