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Author: Sun Last Modified: 2021-04-19
Quickly Split Workbook free trial buy now
Split workbook and save the sheets as new separated workbooks or other formatting files
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Split Workbook, We Are Professional

Split Workbook feature supports to split or save all sheets in one workbook to independent workbooks or other formatting files, and then save them to a specified folder you defined.

★  Separate to workbooks (XLS)
★  Separate to workbooks (XLSX)
★  Separate to CSV files
★  Separate to PDF files
★  Separate to TXT files


A Good Tool Never Be Afraid Of Contrast

Seconds to split one workbook to multiple workbooks


◆ Split and save all sheets of current workbook to separated workbooks at once



Copy and Paste And Move and Copy

◆ Only split a sheet from workbook at once, it is time-wasted when split multiple sheets

waste time

Support varied formats preservation


◆ Quickly save the separated sheets as independent workbooks, or other file formats, such as PDF, CSV, TXT
◆ Easily choose saving locations as you need



VBA Code

◆ One code only can save sheets as one type of file, if you want to save as other types, you need to research other codes
◆ Manually typing saving location in the code

no path

A Tool You Deserved

select sheet  

Separate any sheet(s) you need

▲ Support separate all sheets from the workbook, also can separate the specified sheets you need from the workbook
▲ List all worksheets of the workbook including hidden and blank sheets. By default, all sheets are selected for separating, you can tick the sheets you want to separate manually

save path  

Save sheets to any location you want

▲ Separate sheets from workbook and save them to a specified folder you defined at the meantime
▲ Remember the last saving location, and also support to change or create a new saving location

save formatting  

Save separated sheets as the file format you choose

Provide 5 file formats for you to save
▲  Excel Workbook(*.xlsx)
▲  Excel 97-2003 Workbook(*.xls)
▲  CSV(Macintosh)(*.csv)
▲  Unicode Text(*.txt)
▲  PDF(*.pdf)

○ Skip hidden sheets ○ Skip blank sheets
filter hidden filter blank

Protect original data

original data


List all sheet names

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Split accurately

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Easy to use

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Product Guarantee

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