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Easily merge duplicate contacts in specified contacts folder in Outlook

If there are a number of duplicate contacts existing in your Outlook Contacts folder, it will be tedious and time-consuming for you to clean up all the duplicates. But with the merge Duplicate Contacts utility of Kutools for Outlook, you can easily merge all duplicate contacts based on specific fields within designated contact folders. This tool works across multiple email accounts in Outlook, integrating their information efficiently.

Easily merge duplicate contacts in Outlook

Easily merge duplicate contacts in Outlook

To easily merge all duplicate contacts in specified contacts folder in Outlook with the Duplicate Contacts feature, please do as follows.

1. On Kutools tab, click Duplicate Contacts in Delete group (you can also click Kutools Plus > Duplicate Contacts to enable the feature).

2. In the opening Duplicate Contacts - Step 1 (of 5): Specify the data file(s) dialog box, check the data files where you will merge duplicate contacts, and then click the Next step: Specify contact folder button.

Note: If you have multiple email accounts in your Outlook with sizable contacts folders, a loading contacts folder(s) window will pop up as the below screenshot shown. To expedite the process, you can opt to click the Skip the current loading email account button, or simply wait for all the contacts folders to complete loading.

3. After finishing loading contacts folders, the Duplicate Contacts – Step 2(of 5): Select contacts folder(s) wizard pops up. Please check the Contacts folder(s) containing duplicate contacts you will merge, and then click the Next: Select contacts fields for duplicate comparison button.


  • 1) For more quick options like Check all while selecting folders, right-click on the folder list.
  • 2) All selected folders will appear in the right box. You can delete or sort them as required. Contacts from the folders listed at the top will be prioritized to be retained when managing duplicates.

4. In the Please select Contacts fields for duplicate comparison box of the Duplicate Contacts – Step 3(of 5) wizard, please select contacts fields to filter duplicate contacts, and then click the Next: Select the fields to be listed in results button.

Note: If you check the Search all duplicates in selected Contacts folders option, the utility will look for duplicate contacts across all the folders you've chosen. If you don't select this option, duplicates will be searched for within each individual contacts folder separately.

5. In the Duplicate Contacts – Step 4(of 5) wizard, specify the fields to be listed in the results box, and then click the Start filtering button.

6. In the Duplicate Contacts – step 5(of 5) wizard, please configure as follows.

  • 6.1) Expand a group, you can click a duplicate contact to preview its information in the Contact information preview box;
  • 6.2) In the How to deal with the duplicate contacts? drop-down list, select the Merge option;
  • 6.3) Click the Apply now button to start merging duplicate contacts.

Note: You can merge checked duplicate contacts in a group only by right clicking the group and then selecting Merge all checked items in the group option from the context menu.

7. Then a Kutools for Outlook dialog box pops up to remind you that the merge is complete, please click OK to close it.

Now all duplicate contacts are merged. You can see the handled duplicate contacts are marked with a strikethrough in the Contact list/Duplicate Contact list. Please close the Duplicate Contacts wizard to end the process.


1. The Duplicate Contacts utility retains your previous settings, including chosen folders and contact fields. The next time you use this feature, simply press the Start filtering button in the Duplicate Contacts – Step 2 (of 5) wizard. This will directly filter duplicates without requiring you to reconfigure contact fields.

2. Should there be duplicate contact groups within your selected folders, you can address them efficiently. In the Duplicate Contacts - Step 3 (of 5) wizard, simply select the desired criteria - be it the Contact group name (Contact group), Member name (Contact group) or Member’s e-mail address (Contact group). Choose according to your needs to manage these duplicate groups.

Demo: Easily merge duplicate contacts in specified contacts folder with Kutools for Outlook

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