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Never block emails by message content in Outlook

Kutools for Outlook, a handy add-in for Outlook users, provides the Never Block Body utility to configure email contents as never blocked email contents in Outlook. The emails with those contents you have configured will never be regarded as junk emails when you receiving them.

Never block emails by message content in Outlook

Never block emails by message content in Outlook

1. If you have a certain email with the content you want to configure as the never blocked email content, select this email.

2. Then please apply this utility by clicking Kutools > Junk > Never Block Body. See screenshot:

3. Then a Search Text dialog pops out, the content of the email you have selected will be automatically added to the New Search Text box, click the Add button to add the content into the Search List box, and finally click OK.


1). If you want to manually add the content, please remove the texts in the New Search Text box and then type in the texts as you need.
2). If you repeat adding text into the Search List box in step 3, the relationship among the texts will be “and”. 

4. Then a Never Block Body dialog box pops up to remind you the never block body rule is successfully created, click OK to close it.

Note: Click Kutools > Junk > Rule Manager to open the Junk Email Filter Manager. In this manager, you can view the never block rule you have created just now under the Never Block tab.  In the Rule description box, you can click the underlined text to change the criteria as you need.

Tips: As above mentioned, the relationship between multiple texts in a single rule is “and”. Here I will show you how to edit an existing never block body rule to make the relationship between the texts becoming “or”.

1. Please click Kutools > Junk > Rule Manager. See screenshot:

2. When the Junk Email Filter Manager dialog pops out, click the Never Block tab. Select the rule you will add "Or" relationship, and then click the Edit button.

3. In the Junk Rule dialog box, click the underlined texts in the Edit the rule description box.

4. Then the Text Contains dialog pops out, click New to open the Search Text dialog. In Search Text dialog, add your texts and then click OK to close it.

5. When it returns to the Text Contains dialog, you can see the "Or" relationship is created, please click OK to save the changes.

5. Now you need to click OK twice in the following two dialogs to finish all settings.

After that, emails with these contents will never be filtered as junk emails when receiving them.


1. Make sure that the Junk Email Filter is turning on when you start using your Outlook. You can click Kutools > Junk Email Filter > Enable Junk Email Filter to activate this utility. Each time you enable or disable the Junk utility, there is a dialog popping out to remind you to confirm.

2. shot kto never block body 7Check this checkbox to take the messages without subjects as spam.

3. shot kto never block body 8Check this checkbox to wrap the long rule description for better preview.

4. The Junk Email Filter Manager dialog can be resized by dragging the dialog border.

Demo: Never block emails by message body content in Outlook

Tip: In this Video, Kutools tab is added by Kutools for Outlook. If you need it, please click here to have a 60-day free trial without limitation!

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