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Never block emails by message content in Outlook

Kutools for Outlook, a handy add-in for Outlook users, provides you with the Never Block Body utility to configure email contents as never blocked email contents in Outlook. The emails with those contents you have configured will never be regarded as junk emails when you receiving them.

Never block emails by message content in Outlook

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Never block emails by message content in Outlook

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1. If you have a certain email with the content you want to configure as the never blocked email content, select this email.

2. Then please apply this utility by clicking Kutools > Junk Email Filter > Never Block Body. See screenshot:

3. After clicking Never Block Body, a Search Text dialog pops out, the content of the email you have selected will be automatically added to the field under New Search Text. Then click Add, and finally click OK.

shot never block body 02


1). If you want to manually add the content, please remove the texts from the field and then type in the texts for you own needs. And then click Add and finally click OK.

2). For the above screenshot, you can see there is an “and” between the texts if you repeat adding the texts. Besides “and” relationship, you can also use “or” relationship for the texts.

4. After clicking OK in the above dialog, a prompt box will pop out, please click OK to close it.

shot never block body 03

And the specified texts you entered have been added to the safe list in the Junk Email Filter Manager. And you can create other new rules, edit or delete the rules, meanwhile, you can export or import them. See screenshots:

You can follow above steps to add another new rule which never block the content of the emails, and the relationship between the two rules is “or”. For the “or” relationship, you can edit the rule in the Junk Email Filter Manager as well, get it done as follows.

1. Please click Kutools > Junk Email Filter > Junk Email Filter Manager. See screenshot:

2. When the Junk Email Filter Manager dialog pops out, click the Never Block tab. Select the rule and then click Edit to display the Junk dialog. In the Junk dialog, click button from the Body Contains section.

shot never block body 7

3. Then the Text Contains dialog pops out, click New to display the Search Text dialog. In Search Text dialog, add your texts and then click OK to close it.

shot never block body 06

4. When it returns to the previous dialog, you can see the detailed information of the Never Block Body rule which includes the “and” and “or” relationships among the texts. Please click OK to close it.

5. Now please click OK twice in the following two dialogs to finish all settings.

After finish setting the Never Block Body, the emails with those contents will never be filtered as junk emails when receiving them.


1. Make sure that the Junk Email Filter is turning on when you start using your Outlook. You can click Kutools > Junk Email Filter > Enable Junk Email Filter to activate this utility.

Demo: Never block emails by message body content in Outlook

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