Easily rename one attachment of email in Outlook

Renaming attachment of email with your own name helps you easily recognizing it in Outlook. Actually, there is no method for you to rename an attachment of email in Outlook. In this article, we will show you a Rename utility of Kutools for Outlook, with this utility, you can easily rename a selected attachment of one email message in Outlook.

Rename one attachment of email in Outlook

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Please do as follows to rename an attachment of email in Outlook with Kutools for Outlook.

1. Get into an email folder, and select an email with the attachment which you want to rename.

2. In the Reading Pane, select an attachment to enable the Attachment Tools tab. See screenshot:

3. Then click Kutools under the Attachment Tools, and then click Rename.

4. In the Rename dialog box, remove the original name of the attachment in the Name box, type in a new name, and then click the OK button. See screenshot:

Note: You need to keep the file extension during this process.

After clicking the OK button, the selected attachment of the specified email is renaming successfully. See screenshot:

Note: You can quickly rename multiple attachments of selected email at once with the Rename All utility of Kutools for Outlook.

Demo: rename one attachment of email in Outlook

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