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Unveiling quick scheduling Emails in Outlook

Author: Xiaoyang Last Modified: 2024-06-24

Scheduling emails with Outlook significantly boosts your communication efficiency, particularly when dealing with people in different time zones. This feature ensures that your emails hit inboxes at the perfect time, increasing the chances of them being read and not lost in a sea of messages. Kutools for Outlook takes this a step further with its powerful Schedule Email feature, allowing you to effortlessly schedule emails, meetings, and appointments exactly when you need them.

Why Schedule Emails?

Scheduling emails can help you:

  • Send emails at the optimal time, increasing the likelihood of them being read.
  • Manage your time better by drafting emails in advance and setting them to send later.
  • Avoid sending emails during non-business hours, maintaining professional boundaries.

Advantages of Using Kutools for Outlook’s Schedule Email feature

More Versatile and Flexible Time Settings

Kutools provides a variety of scheduling options, offering greater versatility and flexibility compared to Outlook’s built-in features. This allows you to perfectly tailor your email timings to suit your needs.

👍 User-Friendly and Easily Accessible

The functions of Kutools are prominently displayed and more convenient to use, saving you from the hassle of deeply navigating through Outlook’s menus. Its intuitive interface makes scheduling emails straightforward and stress-free.

📅 Comprehensive Utility

With Kutools, you can schedule not only emails but also meetings and appointments, making it a more broadly practical tool. This all-in-one functionality enhances your overall productivity and efficiency.

📨 Multiple Sending Options

After scheduling, Kutools provides multiple options such as sending immediately, undoing send, and scheduling send. These additional features offer greater control and flexibility over your communications.

Steps to Schedule Emails in Outlook with Kutools for Outlook

Kutools for Outlook which provides over 100 functions in Outlook to boost communication efficiency and secure your information. Among them, over 70 features are permanently free to use. First, you should download and install Kutools for Outlook.

After installing Kutools for Outlook, there are three tabs are displayed into the ribbon: Kutools, Kutools Plus, Kutools AI. The Schedule Email feature is enabled by default. See screenshot:

  1. Open Outlook and click on Home > New Email to compose your email. In the new message window, a new Schedule button is displayed behind the normal Send button, see screenshot:
  2. Then, write the content as you normally would, including the recipient, subject, and body of the email.
  3. And then, click Schedule button, in the Schedule Send – Date and Time Selection dialog box, specify the date and time you want the email to be sent. See screenshot:
    Tips: There are 3 options you can choose:
    • For the first option, you can choose Tomorrow or The day after tomorrow, and specify the time as you need.
    • For the second option, you can select the specific day quickly as you need. (It depends on what day of the week it currently is. For example, if today is Thursday, selecting Friday means it is tomorrow, while selecting Wednesday means it is next Wednesday.)
    • For the third option, you can set any date and time freely as you need.
  4. After specifying the schedule date and time, click Send button in the dialog box. A notification bar appears in the bottom right corner of the Outlook window.
    • Undo: Click this button to cancel the sending, and the message will return to the composing window.
    • Send Immediately: If you want to send the email immediately, click this button.
    • I understand: To keep the scheduled sending, click this button
    • If you don't click any buttons, the notification bar will automatically disappear after a few seconds, and the scheduled send status will be retained.
  5. Now, the scheduled email will remain in the Outbox folder until it reaches the specified delivery time. See screenshot:

Tips and Note

Other Tips:

  1. After setting up scheduled send emails, the next time you use the Schedule Email feature, the rule you created will be displayed at the top of the dialog box. The two most recent rules will be shown here.
  2. If you want to disable this Schedule Email feature, please just click Kutools > Schedule Email. See screenshot:
  3. By using this feature, you can also schedule meetings, appointments as you need.


For a delayed email to be sent, Outlook must remain open. Make sure the scheduled send time is during a period when Outlook is running. If Outlook is closed at the scheduled time, the email will be sent as soon as you reopen the application.

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