Kutools for Word: Powerful Office Word Toolbox

Kutools for Word is a powerful Word add-in that frees you from time-consuming operations which majority of Word users have to perform daily! It contains groups of tools for saving hours of your time! You can get detailed feature tutorials about Kutools for Word from here. For Word 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003 / Office 365.

Latest update:  Kutools for Word 9.00
Date: April 09, 2019
We welcome all questions, feedback and bug reports. We usually need the following information: Contact us
  • A brief description of the issue and how it can be replicated (if applicable).
  • Your Operating system (Windows 8, Windows 7, etc) and the version information of your Microsoft Office.
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You can quickly access the feature tutorials by typing in a feature name in the following search box. For example, if you want to know how to use the Document Snapshot, you just need to type in Document keyword in the search box.

Note: After the installation, please open your Word application and you will see all features and commands as shown in above screenshot.


Document Snapshot: Temporarily back up or save document and restore document
Add Document to Group: Quickly manage and open multiple documents with a group
Organize Document Group: Managing documents by using groups in Word
Reload: Restore or reload current document to the last time you save
Rename (Document): Rename current document without closing it
Copy Current File: Quickly copy current open files or documents
Copy All Open Files: Quickly copy all current open files or documents
Open Current Document Location: Quickly open current document existing folder
Open Default Save Location: Open default save folder in Word
Open Auto Recovery Location: Open auto recovery folder in Word
Open User Templates Location: Open user templates folder of Word
Open Word Startup Location: Open or access the startup folder location in Word


Bookmark Pane: Quickly list all bookmark names and navigate between bookmarks
Insert Bookmark: Easily insert bookmark into document
Remove Bookmark: Remove or delete all bookmarks from document
Show/Hide (Bookmark Symbols): Hide or show all bookmarks symbols in document


Auto Text Pane: Easily save, list and insert autotext entries in word
Check Box: Insert check box, checkbox list or active checkbox (activeX control) in Word
Radio Button: Quickly insert multiple radio buttons at once
Group the Radio Buttons: Easily group radio buttons in document
(Insert Multiple) Images: Quickly insert or import multiple pictures or images all at once to document
Barcode: Insert or create a barcode into document
Insert From Scanner or Camera:Quickly import or insert pictures from scanner or camera into document Note: Only apply in Word 2007 and 2010.
Insert File Information: Quickly Insert File Information (File Name, File Path) Into Word Header Or Footer
Add Thousand Separator: Quickly Add Thousands Separator For Multiple Numbers In A Word Document
Spell Out Numbers: Quickly Convert Multiple Numbers To English Or Chinese Currency In A Word Document
Frame: Quickly insert frame in Word
Format Frames: Quickly format frame in Word
Remove Frames: Quickly remove all frames and keep text from document
Convert Text Box to Frame: Quickly convert text box to frame
(Remove) Paragraph Spacing: Quickly Remove Spaces Before / After Or Between Paragraphs In A Word Document
Remove Thousand Separator: Easily Remove Thousands Separator From Numbers
Clear Header Lines: Quickly Remove The Horizontal Lines In The Header Of A Word Document
Remove Page Breaks: Remove all page breaks from document
Remove Column Breaks: Remove all column breaks from document
Remove Section Breaks: Remove all section breaks from document
Remove All Breaks: Remove all breaks in Word with one click
Remove All Spaces / Tab Indents: Quickly remove all left tab / space indents
Remove All First Line Indents: Remove all first line indents
Remove All Left Indents: Remove all left indents
Remove All Right Indents: Remove all right indents
Remove All Indents: Remove all indents from current document
Remove Empty Manual Line Breaks: Remove all blank or empty lines
Remove Empty Paragraph Marks: Remove all empty paragraphs
(Remove) Extra Spaces: Remove or delete extra spaces between words
(Remove) Horizontal Line: Remove all horizontal lines from Word document
Remove Footnotes: Remove all footnotes from document
Remove Endnotes: Remove or delete all endnotes from document
Remove Hidden Text: Remove all hidden data or text from document
Remove Pictures: Remove all pictures from document
Remove Comments: Remove all comments from a part of document
Remove Drop Cap: Remove all drop caps from a document
Remove Frames: Remove all frames and keep text from document
Remove HTML Controls: Remove HTML Controls from document
Remove Tables: Remove or delete all tables with one click
Remove All Bookmarks: Remove or delete all bookmarks from document
Remove All Text Boxes: Remove all text boxes and keep texts
Remove All Macros: Remove all macros from a document


Select Current Page: Quickly select current page
Select Odd Pages: Selects all odd number pages of a document
Select Even Pages: Selects all even number pages of a document
Select Pages: Quickly select any pages you want
Select Tables: Select all tables in a Word document
Select Single Row Tables: Select all single row tables
Select Single Column Tables: Select all single column tables
Select Single Cell Tables: Select all single cell tables
Select First Rows: Select all first rows of tables in Word
Select Last Rows: Select all last rows of tables in Word
Select First Columns: Select all first columns of tables in Word
Select Last Columns: Select all last columns of tables in Word
Next Across Pages Table: Select table which spreads more than one page
(Select) Shapes: Select all ready-made shapes in whole document
Select Paragraphs: Easily select all kinds of paragraphs
Select Blank Paragraphs: Select all blank / empty paragraphs
Select Shorter Paragraphs: Select all short paragraphs
Select Heading Paragraphs: Select all heading paragraphs
Select Non-heading Paragraphs: Select non-heading paragraphs
Select Equations: Select all equations of document
Select Embed Word Object Paragraphs: Select embed word object paragraphs
Select Embed Visio Object Paragraphs: Select all paragraphs which have embedded Visio projects
Select Embed Object Paragraphs: Select all paragraphs which have embedded objects
Select Single Object Paragraphs: Select the single embed object paragraphs from document
Select Paragraph Last Line: Select all last lines or paragraphs from document


Convert List to Text: Convert numbering, bullets or multilevel list to normal text
Convert Tab to Space: Convert all tabs characters to spaces characters
(Convert) Table to Text: Convert multiple tables in document to plain text
(Convert Field Code to Text: Print field codes by converting field codes to plain text
Convert Endnote to Text: Convert all endnotes to plain text
Convert Manual Line Break to Paragraph Mark: Replace or convert soft returns to hard returns
Chinese Punctuation: asily Check For Punctuations And Convert All English Punctuations To Chinese
English Punctuation: Easily Check For Punctuations And Convert All Chinese Punctuations To English
Convert Paragraph Mark to Manual Line Break: Replace or convert hard returns to soft returns
Convert Equations to Images: Convert all equations to images or pictures
Convert Images to Equations: Convert images to equations

Note: The features and commands are displaying on the Enterprise tab as shown in the above screenshot.

Resources & Documents:

Export Comments: Print comments by exporting all comments to a document
(Import / Export) Custom Dictionaries: Quickly import or export and set default custom dictionary
(Import / Export) Auto Correct: Quickly import or export and customize Autocorrect entries
Export Images: Export or extract all images from a word document
Export Doc as Images: Quickly convert or save document as pictures jpeg
Export Table to Images: Quickly export and save all tables from document as images
Export Range To File: Easily Export Selected Ranges/Pages To A New File
Split Document: Split document into multiple documents by headings or section break
Merge Documents: Merge or combine multiple documents into one document
Doc / Docx Converter: Convert all docx (.docx) from a folder to doc (.doc) or PDFs


Caption Pane: Quickly list, navigate and cross-reference all captions
Insert Multiple Captions: Insert captions to all tables, figures and equations at once
Table Caption: Insert or add caption to table and change table caption format
Figure Caption: Insert or add picture (figure) caption and change figure caption style
Equation Caption: Insert or add right-aligned caption to equation
Select Table Caption Paragraphs: Select all table captions
Select Figure Caption Paragraphs: Select all figure captions
Select Equation Caption Paragraphs: Select all equation captions
Rebuild Table Caption: Easily convert text to caption for all tables
Rebuild Figure Caption: Easily convert text to caption for all figures
Rebuild Equation Caption: Quickly convert text to equation captions
Reference (Caption): Easily insert or create cross-reference captions
Refresh Captions: Quickly correct or update wrong caption numbering with one click
Pick Up Caption: Easily cross reference tables, figures and equations captions
Put Down Reference: Easily cross reference tables, figures and equations captions
Error Reference: Remove all error reference with one click


Hyperlinks Manager: List all hyperlinks, remove all hyperlinks and manage all hyperlinks
Remove (Hyperlinks): Quickly remove or delete all hyperlinks from text
Create (Multiple Hyperlinks): Create multiple hyperlinks by inserting same address to all same texts
Copy Hyperlink: Copy And Paste All Hyperlinks Or Addresses


(Convert) Table to Text: Quickly convert multiple tables in document to plain text
Diagonal Header: Format diagonal headings and write diagonal text in tables
Remove Empty Rows Cols: Remove or delete all empty rows and columns from all tables
Transpose Table: Transpose Data In Rows And Columns Of A Table In Word


Short Last Line: Quickly save papers by adjusting spacing between words
Resize Images: Quickly resize / compress all images or multiple images at once


Display Settings: Show / hide or toggle formatting marks (paragraph marks and hidden text)
Combine Windows: Combine or merge multiple documents into one window
Switch Windows: Switch between multiple documents after combining them into one window
Close All: Quickly close all open document windows at once
Close Other Windows: Quickly close all document windows except current document
Redo Last Command: Quickly repeat last action or command
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