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Organize Document Group - Managing documents by using groups in Word

Kutools for Word’s Organize Document Group functions as our documents manager which can efficiently and comfortably help us manage all the documents that have been grouped in Document Group. With the Organize Document Group tool, we can easily create new document groups, drag and drop to move document between different groups, rename documents and document groups and so on.

List all document groups in tree view

Create new document groups easily

Move documents between different groups

Rename document groups and documents

Delete document groups and documents

Clean Errors in document groups

Click Kutools > Favorites > Organize Document Group. See screenshot:

shot organize document group 1

List all document groups in tree view

1. If you want to organize documents which you have added to the group, please click Kutools > Favorites > Organize Document Group to enable the utility.

2. You will see all document groups and documents which have been grouped with Favorites are listed in the Organize Document Group dialog box. See screenshot:

Note. To select any document in the list, you can see the saving path of this document is shown in the pane below the list box.

Create new document groups easily

1. Click the New button from the right side of the dialog to create new group. See screenshot.

2. After clicking the New button, it will display a dialog box as shown in the below screenshot. Please assign a name to this new group and then click OK button. The new created document group will be listed in the tree structure too.

Move documents between different groups

If you want to move a document from a group to another document group, you can do it as follows.

1. Select a document which you want to move to another document group, and then click Move button in the dialog. See screenshot:

2. Then it will display a Select Document Group dialog. In this dialog, you can move this document to any existing document group by selecting the group and then click OK. Or move to a new group by clicking the New button. You can also drag and drop the document to move between different document groups in in Organize Document Group list.

Rename document groups and documents

With this utility, you can rename both the document groups and documents.

1. Select a document group or document that you want to rename, and click Rename button, then the name of document group or document will become editable in the tree structure, then enter the new name.

Note: this Rename feature will only change a document’s indicated name in the group, nor the document name. For example, if you have a document named “File.doc” which had been added to a group, and it has been renamed as “FILE2.doc” by using the Rename feature in the Organize Document Group. After the renaming of the document, when you go to the file folder of this document, you will find out that the name of the document is still be “FILE2.doc”. So the Rename feature in the Organize Document Group only changes the name of document to be indicated in the group.

Delete document groups and documents

If you want to remove document groups or a document from a group, you can just select the document group or the document that you want to remove in the tree structure, and then click Delete in the dialog. See screenshot:

Note: the Delete feature only remove the document from a group, the documents are still existing in your computer

Clean Errors during document groups

Sometimes it may cause errors in the Favorites group by following reasons:

The document has already stayed in a group, and you have changed the saving path of this document (it has been moved to another file folder, has been renamed in folder, or has been deleted from PC).

1. For example, after you have added a document to a document group, when you move this document to another folder in your computer, the document in the Favorites group will have a broken link showing on. See screenshot:

2. Now, you cannot open this document directly from the group. You need to go to the Organize Document Group dialog box, and click the Clean Errors button to clean the error from the document groups

3. After clicking Clean Error, you will see the result as below screenshots show:


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