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Quickly remove all breaks in Word with one click

We may need to remove multiple types of breaks from the whole document sometimes. As common users of Microsoft Word, we usually delete multiple breaks symbols one by one after showing unhidden symbols in Word. Kutools for Word provides a handy Remove All Breaks utility, which can delete all breaks from the whole documents immediately.

Remove All Breaks utility will help us delete all kinds of breaks in the whole document at once, including page breaks, column breaks and section breaks. With it, tedious task will be accomplished in a blink of an eye.

Remove all breaks from the whole document.

arrow blue right bubbleClick Kutools > Breaks> Remove All Breaks. See screenshot:

shot remove all breaks 01

arrow blue right bubble Remove all breaks from the whole document.

Supposing you want to remove all breaks from your document as shown in the below screenshot, you can get it done as follows:

1. Put you cursor on the current document, and then apply the utility by clicking Kutools > Breaks > Remove All Breaks.

2. After clicking Remove All Breaks, there will be a dialog popping up. Click Yes if you confirm that you want to remove all breaks.

3. Then it will remove all breaks from the current document immediately. See screenshot:


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