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Easily save, list and insert autotext entries in word

Auto Text is a way to store parts of a word document that is available for you to use in any document. In other words, with the Auto Text entries you have stored, you do not need to type same contents over and over again. But how can we use the Auto Text entries quickly? Kutools for Word’s AutoText Pane can save, list and insert autotext entries easily in document.

Quickly save a selection of document as autotext entry

List all autotext entries with a pane

Easy to insert the autotext entry in document

Import and Export all autottext entries in Word

Adjust the texts size in the AutoText Pane

arrow blue right bubbleClick the Kutools > AutoText Pane. See screenshot:

shot autotext pane 1

After clicking AutoText Pane, it will display the AutoText Pane in the left side of the document as shown in the below screenshot.

arrow blue right bubble Quickly save selection of document as autotext entry

1.Select the content you want to save as autotext in your document. For example, I select the following content in the document.

2.Then click the  button in the AutoText Pane to apply the Create Auto Text dialog. See screenshot:

In this Create Auto Text dialog, you can:

A: Type a name for this autotext in the Name field.

B: Select a group for the autotext or create a new group for it in Category section.

C: Type words for the autotext description.

3. After the settings, please click OK to save it.

Note: Besides texts, you can also add selected pictures, textboxes, and symbols and so on to save as autotext entry.

arrow blue right bubble List all autotext entries with a pane

All the saved AutoText entries will be listed in the pane.

arrow blue right bubble Easy to insert the autotext entry in document

1.Double click on the AutoText entry within the pane, and it will insert the AutoText entry into the current cursor position in the document.

3. You can also click button to insert the autotext into the document where your cursor places on.

3.The AutoText entry can be inserted as formatted text or only text without formatting. Click  button to insert the selected AutoText entry as formatted text. Click  button to insert the selected AutoText entry as only text without formatting.

4. Besides the above three methods of inserting autotext, you can right click on any of the AutoText entry, and then select the inserting type you need from the dialog. Note: In this dialog, you can Rename and Delete the autotext easily.

arrow blue right bubble Import and Export all autotext entries in Word

1.Click  to import all AutoText entries. With this import utility, you can import all you saved autotext entries to any document you want.

Note: Before importing autotext entries to a new document, you need to export all autotext entries from an existing document.

2.Click  to export all Auto Text entries.

arrow blue right bubble Adjust the texts size in the AutoText Pane

The “Grow Font” button and the “Shrink Font” button can help you easily adjust the texts size to the ideal size you need.

1. After apply the “Grow Font” and the “Shrink Font” utility, you can see the result as show in the following screenshots.


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