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Quickly transpose data in rows and columns of a table in Word

If you need to transpose data from rows to columns or vice versa, you need to copy the table to Excel worksheet and use the paste special function to transpose the table, then paste the transposed table back to Word. Here, I introduce a handy add-in tool – Kutools for Word, its Transpose Table utility can handle this job with two clicks.

Applying Transpose Table by clicking Kutools Plus > Transpose Table.
shot transpose table 1

Transpose data in rows and columns of a table

1. Place cursor at the table you want to transpose data from rows to columns, click Kutools Plus > Transpose Table.
shot transpose table 2

2. A Kutools for Word dialog pops out:

Click Yes, the original table will be covered directly with the transposed one;

Click No, the transposed table will be created below the original one;
shot transpose table 3

Then rows and columns in the selected table has been transposed.
shot transpose table 4


1. This feature works at one table once.

2. This feature will keep the table formatting after transposition.


This is only one tool of Kutools for Word

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