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Office Tab: How to deal with Office crashes when Office Tab is enabled?

If you have encountered Office crashed when Office Tab is enabled in some rare circumstances, you can try to solve the problem as follows:

Please try to solve Office (Excel, Word or PowerPoint) crashes when Office Tab is enabled.

1. Please make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the software first. Please go to download and install the latest version of the software from here.

2. If the problem persists after installing the latest version, Please go to disable all the other add-ins in your Word Add-Ins manager. (Where is the Add-Ins manager? For example, please click File > Options > Add-Ins in Word 2010.)

Tip: How to disable Add-Ins? Please select COM Add-ins from Manage drop-down list in the bottom of the above screenshot and click Go… button. In the pop-up COM Add-Ins dialog box, please uncheck the add-in you want to disable.

Note: Office Tab includes Office Tab Help and Tabs for Word X.XX add-in.

3. If the problem persists after disabling all the other add-ins in your specific Office application, such as Word, Please take a screenshot of the Add-Ins manager and send an email with detailed information of your Office version information and your computer system to Please don’t forget to send your screenshots.

Tip: Have you installed some kind of desktop management software in your computer? If so, please uninstall the desktop management software for testing the problem. If the problem is solved, it means the desktop management software is conflicting with Office Tab. Please send an email with the name of the software to

No matter you have encountered such problem in Word, Excel or any other Office applications with using Office Tab, and you can always go to solve the problem according to above steps.

Using Tabs in Microsoft Office applications like Firefox, Chrome and IE 10!

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    Gareth Morgan · 1 years ago
    I'm getting, on 2 machines, Excel is running into problems with the 'office.tabsforexcel2013' add-in. Do you want to disable?
    • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
      DCB · 6 months ago
      Exactly the problem I've been having for months.  Office Tab for Enterprise 14.10 works fine with every other Office program.  I have tried to completely uninstall OTE and reinstall to no avail.
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    Fritz U. Wyssmann · 2 years ago
    Hello, I am using a licensed version of Office tools (Office 2016, 32 bit). That had worked flawlessly in principle. Suddenly the message "OfficeTabsLoader.DLL" / "initialisation error 4" appears. Even uninstalling and a new installation brought no remedy. Best regards, Fritz U. Wyssmann
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      Dave Hutchison · 2 years ago
      Same problem just started today 9/21/2019. I miss my office tabs :) I reinstalled but no luck same error as above.