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About ExtendOffice

At ExtendOffice, we are dedicated to boosting your office productivity through our comprehensive suite of advanced software tools designed specifically for Excel, Word, and Outlook. Established in 2008, our commitment has always been to relentlessly evolve and enhance our products to align with the dynamic needs of our customers. Trusted by over 600,000 users worldwide, we are here to support your every need.

Our flagship product, Kutools for Excel, is a robust Excel add-in that integrates over 300 advanced functions designed to tackle a variety of complex work scenarios. From data analysis to report generation, Kutools is aimed at significantly increasing user efficiency by streamlining everyday tasks.

Additionally, our product portfolio also includes enhancement tools for Word (Kutools for Word) and Outlook (Kutools for Outlook), each crafted for ease of use and effectiveness, to enhance your office workflows and efficiency.

Our Partner

Intel is our exclusive global AI hardware platform marketing partner, covering CPUs, GPUs, and NPUs. We have specifically optimized performance for Intel's SoC.

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Note: Due to the global nature of our business and the diverse time zones and languages of our clients, we strongly encourage reaching out to us via email . This ensures that we can provide you with the most thoughtful and timely response, regardless of location.
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