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Kutools for Excel 4.00: More features and faster!

Author: Zhoumandy Last Modified: 2022-06-15

Date: April 18, 2012

We will continue to improve and add more functions and features to Kutools for Excel in the upcoming versions of the software. Free download the new version from here.

Note: if you would like to give us feedbacks about how the software can be improved or enhanced, please don’t hesitate to send E-mail to:

1. Supports Windows XP system.

2. Extremely reduce the add-in loading time while Microsoft Office Excel starts up.

3. The following features have been enhanced in the aspect of processing huge data speed: all text tool's features (Change Case, Add Text…), Navigation Pane, Operation tools, Currency Conversion, Unit Conversion, Select Cells with Max or Min Value, Range Randomize Utilities and Insert Sequence Number.

arrow blue right bubbleNew features locating under Modify group:

1. Transpose Table Dimensions

This utility will transpose two-dimension table (a range) with row headings and column headings into one-dimension table or vice versa.

Note: the one-dimension table must contain three columns, the first column will be converted as the row headings of the two-dimension table, the second column will be converted as the column headings of the two-dimension table, and the third column will be converted as the data of two-dimension table.


2. Flip Selected Cells

This utility will flip the selected cells.

For example, if you have selected a column, containing the number 1, 2 and 3, this utility will reverse the order to 3, 2, and 1.


3. Fill Cells with Displayed Values

This utility will fill the cells of selected range by converting formulas to their calculated values and converting the values or formulas in selected cells to the way they are formatted.

For example, cell A1 with the value 03/21/2012 formatted as Wednesday. This utility will put Wednesday in cell A1.
For example, this utility will convert [=A2*(C19/12)] to the calculated value and use it to fill the cell.


4. Inert blank Rows/Columns

This utility allows you to quickly insert specific number of blank rows or columns at a specified interval.


5. Replace Accented Characters

This utility can quickly help you replace all accented characters at once. Normally you have to repeatedly use the find and replace function to replace multiple accented characters in Excel.


6. Fill Blank Cells

This utility can quickly fill the blank cells as follows:

Fill the blank cells with above cell data, below cell data, left cell data or right cell data.
Fill the blank cells with linear values.
Fill the blank cells with fixed value.


arrow blue right bubbleNew features locating under Select Tools group:

1. Select Range Helper

This utility includes the following three functions:

Union Selection: without holding down the CTRL key to quickly select multiple ranges.
Deselect Cells: to deselect cells from selected ranges.
Inverse Selection: to select the inverse selection of selected ranges.


2. Select Interval Rows/Columns

This utility allows you to quickly select a specific number of rows or columns at a specified interval.


3. Compare Ranges for Duplicate Values

This utility can help you compare two ranges and select the duplicate values or unique values between two ranges. Normally you can use the conditional formatting to select duplicate values, but it’s too complicated.

Note: the two comparing ranges must contain the same number of columns.


arrow blue right bubbleNew features locating under Utilities group:

1. Copy Multiple Ranges

Normally you cannot copy multiple selected ranges in Excel, but with this utility you can copy multiple selected ranges at once.


2. Adjust Cell Size

This utility helps you to specify the row height and column width in pounds, centimeters, inches or pixels. It can apply to a range or the whole worksheet.


3. Create Folders based on Cell contents

This utility easily creates a lot of folders in a certain specified folder, based on the contents in selected cells.


arrow blue right bubbleNew features locating under Worksheet Tools group:

1. Delete All Hidden Sheets

This utility can delete all hidden sheets from the workbook with one click.


arrow blue right bubbleImproved features:

1. Interactive Hide / Unhide

Add Very Hidden option: you can set the sheet status as: Visible, Hidden and Very Hidden.


2. Create Sequence Worksheets

Add Filled with Worksheet tabs color option: it will shade the sheet tabs with the colors in the cells of the selected range.


3. Sort Sheets

Add Color Sort option: it can sort all sheet tabs according to their sheet tab color.


4. Cell Comment Tools

Add Convert Tab: it can convert contents of cells into comments or convert comments into contents of cells.


5. Replace Range Names

This utility will replace the name reference with the corresponding cell reference. In the new version, we redesign the utility interface. It can list all the name references in a list.

List all name references of the specified range:
List all name references of specified worksheet:
List specified name reference:


Setting Center:

You can access the Setting Center of Kutools for Excel by clicking Start > All Programs > Kutools for Excel > Setting Center.


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