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05 July 2010 Office Tab 5.20

05 July 2010 Office Tab 5.20

arrow blue right bubbleNew features:

  1. Add warn me when closing all tabs option
  2. Support multiple languages
  3. Add click middle mouse button to close tab option
  4. Add double-click the blank place to create a new document option
  5. Add rename function in PowerPoint Tab
  6. Add drag and drop the tab in PowerPoint Tab

arrow blue right bubbleFix:

  1. Correcting when using rename function, click “Cancel” button in the rename window will rename the file name as “False”.
  2. Correcting when the user renames the document, if the file name includes “.”, it will cause the incorrect file name.
  3. Correcting when the tab bar is hided in Office 2007 and Office 2010, if the user change the Color Scheme of Office applications, the color of the tab tar won’t change according the Color Scheme.
  4. Correcting the “Display all the windows in the taskbar” option is malfunctioning sometimes.
  5. Correcting when click “File”>”Exit” to close the application immediately after the Excel 2003 startup, which will cause the Excel malfunction.
  6. Correcting when the tab bar is located in the left side or right side of Office 2003, if the user arrange the toolbar, the tab bar will overlay the toolbar.
  7. Correcting when the user print preview the document in Word 2003, the tab bar will overlay the top of the document.
  8. Correcting when the Excel Tab or the PowerPoint Tab is disabled due to an unexpected situation, the Excel Tab or the PowerPoint Tab cannot be loaded automatically when the user startup the Excel or PowerPoint.
  9. Correcting the user can not drag and move the navigation bar in the thumbnails of Word 2007, when the tab is enabled.
  10. Correcting when the user open an Excel file is Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook, and then close the Excel application without closing the Excel file first, which will cause the Excel process still processes and occupies 100% of the CPU usage.

arrow blue right bubbleImproved:

  1. Improved the text size of the tab. The text size will change according to the system text size.
  2. Improved the locked function. There will pop-up a prompting message when you try to operate the locked document.
  3. Improved prompting window style in Office 2007 and Office 2010.
  4. Improved the appearance of the Office Tab Center and the dialog box.
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