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作为一名公司员工,我们需要在每个工作日进行打卡和冲销,计算总工作时间并减去一天的午餐时间可以帮助根据时间计算工资。 例如,我有以下每日出勤记录,其中包含登录,注销和午餐开始,午餐结束时间在工作表中,现在,我想计算每天的总工作时间,但减去午餐时间。 为了完成这项工作,我可以为你介绍一些配方。




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箭头蓝色右泡 用公式计算工作时间和减去午餐时间


1。 输入这个公式: =SUM((C2-B2)+(E2-D2))*24 进入您的时间记录单元旁边的空白单元格, F2例如,看截图:

备注:在上面的公式中: C2 是午餐开始时间, B2 是登录时间, E2 表示注销时间和 D2 是午餐结束时间。 您可以根据您的需要更改参考。


2。 然后将填充手柄向下拖动到您想要应用此公式的单元格中,并且不包括午餐时间的所有总小时数都将立即计算出来。 看截图:


提示建议:如果有登录,注销时间记录和固定午餐时间(例如一小时三十分钟),则可以应用以下简单公式: = D2-B2-C2 计算每天的工作时间。 看截图:


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    Agron Vukaj · 1 months ago
    I just worked at NY Comic Con and was curious how would you calculate the hours if A1 is clocked in (AM/PM), B1 Clocked Out (AM/PM), C1 Break Taken and D1 hours worked. How would the formula look if you place an x in the break taken column, and the break is automatic 1/2 hour?
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    Bonnie Brand · 2 months ago
    I track my start time in A1 and my end time in B1. In C1 is the formula =TEXT(B1-A1,"h") This works, but I can't figure out how to subtract an hour for lunch within this formula. I don't track my start lunchtime and end lunchtime since it will always be 1 hour. Is there a way to do this?
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    Avishay Belker · 3 months ago
    I am downloading activity reports from Time station (an app that helps monitoring and calculating employees work time and pay.

    The in and out are coming one beneath the other and not as you show in your examples (one next to the other).

    Is there a way to formulate the table to calculate total daily hours in this layout, considering that I may have multiple entries and exits a day?
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      skyyang · 3 months ago
      Hello, Avishay,
      Sorry, I can't get your point, could you give an example or screenshot here? Thank you!
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    Pascal · 1 years ago

    Found something laying around that actually solves your question.

    Columns D, E and F are the Start time, End Time and Break.

    Have a table somewhere that explains the breaks that have to be calculated:

    from till Pause
    0:00 6:00 0:00
    6:00 9:00 0:30
    9:00 10:00 0:45

    Then use the following expresssion (note that my reference to the table are on a tab called Anhang):

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    Sheena · 1 years ago
    I need help with a formula. So I'm creating schedules, I have a log in and log out time. If that time is over 6 hours there has to be a 30 minute lunch. I want a formula that will calculate that time worked including a lunch IF it's over 6 hours
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      KatZ · 2 months ago
      Is there no answer or formula in Excel for this question?
      What would the formula be if a minimum of 8.5 hours of work is required but the employee worked 10 hours.
      I want a formula ex: 08:50 - 10:00 and then the obvious answer is 01:50 with the option to calculate a weeks overtime or shortfall?
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      Jonny · 1 years ago
      I too would like the answer to this exact situation!
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      Red · 1 years ago
      Did you get help on this question?
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        Justin · 1 years ago
        I would also like the answer to this. Can it be varied? Example: 12 hour shift workers get an hour break, as do 11 and 10 hour shit workers. However, if you work 8 or 9 hours you get 45 minutes deducted, 6 - 7 hours have 30 minutes deducted and 5 hours have 15 minutes deducted. Any hours worked below 5 do not incur a break.