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如您所知,发送的电子邮件将自动保存到“已发送邮件”文件夹中。 但是,我们在这里安排了一些关于如何更改默认发送项目文件夹的技巧,并将发送的电子邮件保存到Microsoft Outlook中的其他文件夹中。



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步骤1:点击 保存已发送的项目 > 其他文件夹更多选项 组上 期权 在消息窗口中的标签。

步骤2:在“选择文件夹”对话框中,选择并突出显示文件夹 文件夹: 框中,然后单击 OK 按钮。



在某些情况下,您可能需要更改默认的已发送邮件文件夹,并让所有已发送的电子邮件自动存储在指定的文件夹中。 我们将引导您在Outlook中创建规则来实现它。

在创建规则之前,您需要通过单击来切换到邮件视图 邮件 在导航窗格中。


  1. 在Outlook 2010和2013中,请点击 规则 > 管理规则和警报移动 组上 主页 标签。
  2. 在Outlook 2007中,请点击 > 规则和警报.

步骤2:在“规则和警报”对话框中,单击 新规则 上的按钮 电子邮件规则 标签。

步骤3:在规则向导对话框中,选择并突出显示 对我发送的邮件应用规则从o空白规则开始 部分,然后单击 下一页 按钮。


  1. 检查 通过指定的帐户 在选项 步骤1:选择条件(S) 部分。
  2. 点击 指定 步骤2:编辑规则说明 部分。
  3. 在弹出的帐户对话框中,选择一个帐户 帐户: 框并单击 OK 按钮。
  4. 点击 下一页 按钮。


  1. 检查 将副本移动到指定的文件夹 选项和 停止处理更多的规则 在选项 步骤1:选择操作(S) 部分。
  2. 点击 指定步骤2:编辑规则说明 部分。
  3. 在“规则和警报”对话框中,选择一个文件夹,然后单击 OK 按钮。
  4. 点击 下一页 按钮。

步骤6:继续单击 下一页 按钮和 按钮在下面的对话框中。


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  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    Pak Mega Place (www. · 1 months ago
    I came across this issue yesterday. Windows 10, Outlook 2016 (16.0.11929.20234) 32-bit, on-premises Exchange 2010, no Cached Exchange Mode, with an image used in the signature. Removing the signature allowed emails to send, but with the signature included we saw “Cannot send this item”.

    Another confirmation here that turning on Cached Exchange Mode fixed it.

    Glad I spotted this thread!
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    Alexia · 1 years ago
    I have two inboxes that I use in Outlook 2016. One is my personal account and the other is a shared secondary inbox. I tried to change where the sent messages are being saved into the "Sent Items" folder of the shared secondary inbox. I followed the step by step exactly for the "Change The Folder Sent Items Are Stored In When You Are Composing" - but all it does is show up in my "Outbox" of my personal inbox instead and not the "Sent Items" folder of the secondary inbox which I selected. Anybody have any idea why this might be happening or why it won't work?
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    Grace · 2 years ago
    You have no idea how grateful I am for this...after talking with one technician after another, after asking BlueHost for help and of course, getting nothing from Microsoft except that I have to pay for their 'help', this works, even on Outlook 2016.
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    Alex · 3 years ago
    Now only if this would also pull emails sent via my iPhone with my account. Those items show up in the default sent items, but I cannot get it copy those over as well. Damn corporate not allowing me to change the retention policy on any default folders.
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    Joeski · 3 years ago
    You are much better off just disabling automatic saving of messages in the Sent Items folder and then creating a rule that stores a copy of all sent email in the desired folder.

    1.File - Options - Mail - Save Messages Un-check the "Save copies of messages in the Sent Items folder"

    2.File - Manage Rules and Alerts - Apply Rule on Messages I send 2.1 Don't check anything on the first screen 2.2 Check "move a copy to the specified folder" 2.3 Click on "specified" (at the bottom) and select the folder 2.4 Finish the rule
    • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
      Al · 3 years ago
      Perfect, just what I wanted!
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    Celeste · 3 years ago
    For some reason, even with the above rule, it still saves a copy to my sent folder even though I specified that it should save to the inbox. Any idea how to turn this function off?
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    Tammy · 4 years ago
    I have been battling this for an entire day...trying to get all of my devices to use the same iMap boxes for filing. You got me through the last hurdle!!!! I am slowly regaining sanity, though I cannot believe this process is what is required to pick which sen box I'd like my Outlook 13 mail to be stored. THANK YOU
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    KLD · 4 years ago
    This works great for me. My company implemented a new policy that automatically deletes our sent emails after 60 days, and this works perfectly for me to keep all of my emails in a separate sent folder without the company deleting them. Thanks!
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    #Salia · 4 years ago
    I would like to use the "save sent item" option and followed the instructions above. But for me this does not work. It seems that this function is not activated. Is there an additional check box to activate?

    Thank you for any help
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    Prakash · 4 years ago
    Good idea....and it works .... :lol:
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    mjohnsoneq · 4 years ago
    This is great, but the messages show in the other specified folder as unread messages.