Quickly copy exact formulas without changing cell references in Excel

When you copy and paste a range of cells that contain formula, Excel will adjust the relative cell references in the copied formula automatically. With Kutools for Excel’s Exact Copy feature, you can quickly copy and paste the exact formula without changing the relative cell references.

arrow blue right bubble Click Kutools > Exact Copy. See screenshot:

arrow blue right bubble Please select a range which you want to copy and withouting changing cell references in A, and click OK. See screenshot:

arrow blue right bubble Please select a cell to start pasting the range and click OK to copy / paste Formulas from a range of cells without changing the cell (Absolute or Relative) references. See screenshot:

arrow blue right bubble Note: Copy formating option will keep all cell formatting after pasting the range, if the option has been checked. This utility supports Undo (CTRL+Z).

arrow blue right bubble This is just one of 120 powerful features of Kutools for Excel

It includes more than 120 advaned functions and tools for Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 (includes Office 365).

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