Quickly show all hidden worksheets with one click in Excel

Actually it is quite simple to hide multiple worksheets in Excel. Just hold down Ctrl key to select the multiple worksheets you want to hide, and right click on the sheet tab to choose the Hide option to hide all the selected sheets. What if you want to show all the hidden worksheets?

Excel does not support with an option to quickly show all the hidden worksheets. You may need to unhide the hidden sheets separately. When there are dozens of hidden worksheets, such repeatedly clicking and choosing operations are time-consuming. The utility Unhide All Sheets inKutools for Excelenables you to quickly unhide all the hidden worksheets with only one click!

arrow blue right bubble Click Kutools >> Show / Hide >> Unhide All Sheets. See screenshot:


arrow blue right bubbleUsage:

1. Open the workbook which contains some hidden worksheets.

2. Apply this utility by clicking Kutools > Show / Hide > Unhide All Sheets, and all of the hidden sheets will be displayed. See screenshots:


arrow blue right bubble Tip:

If you want a more flexible way to show or hide a bundle of workbooks and worksheets, for example, showing multiple specific worksheets instead of showing all of them, then you can use the advanced utility Hide / Unhide Workbooks and Sheets in Kutools for Excel.

arrow blue right bubble This is just one of 120 powerful features of Kutools for Excel

It includes more than 120 advaned functions and tools for Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 (includes Office 365).

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