How to remove spaces between characters and numbers within cells in Excel?

When you copy some data into Excel, there may be some spaces between characters or numbers, and how can you remove all spaces? This tutorial can introduce some tips for you to remove all spaces in the range of cells.

Remove all spaces between characters in Excel

Remove all spaces with the Replace function

Quickly remove extra spaces, leading spaces or trailing spaces with one click

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By typing the formula in Excel, all spaces between characters will be removed. Do as the following steps:

1. In a blank cell B1 which is adjacent to the data cell, enter the formula =Substitute(A1," ",""), see screenshot:


2. Press Enter key and select B1, then drag the fill handle over the range of cells that you want to apply this formula. And all spaces between characters have been removed from the range. See screenshot:


Tips: As they are formulas, so when you copy and paste them to other places, you need to paste them as values.

arrow blue right bubble Remove all spaces with the Replace function

Sometimes, we want to remove all spaces between character and numbers in a range, we can use Replace function to solve it.

1. Highlight the range that you want to remove all spaces.

2. Click Home > Find & Select > Replace…, the Find and Replace dialog box will pop out.

3. In the Find what box, press the space bar once, don’t input anything in the Replace with box, then click Replace All. There will be a prompt message telling you how many spaces have been removed. See screenshot:

4. Then click OK, all of the spaces between the values have been deleted. See screenshots:

arrow blue right bubble Quickly remove extra spaces, leading spaces or trailing spaces with one click

There is a flexible way to remove extra spaces, all spaces, leading spaces, trailing spaces or leading and trailing spaces in a range. If you have Kutools for Excel, you can use the Remove Spaces feature to quickly remove any types of spaces in the range with one click.

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If you have installed Kutools for Excel, you can remove the spaces as follows:

1. Select the range you want to remove spaces.

2. Click Kutools > Text Tools > Remove Spaces. See screenshot:

3. Then a Remove Spaces dialog box will display, choose the Spaces Type that you want to remove, and you can preview the results from the Preview pane. See screenshot:

4. Then click OK or Apply to finish it.

Note: From the Spaces Type, we can see there are many other spaces types that we can quickly remove with this Remove Spaces tool. For more detailed information about Remove Spaces, please visit here.

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+8#Muhibullah Afzalzada2014-01-01 05:20
Thanks a lot, I really needed and the Replace option was a charm.
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+6#Muhibullah Afzalzada2014-01-01 05:21
Thanks a lot, the Replace option worked as a charm... you really saved loads of my time.
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+2#Janardhan2014-01-20 10:07
Very easy to understand. Good to follow.
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0#Stefan2014-05-26 12:50
Thank you, easy to understand. best on the web
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0#Rebeccah2014-07-24 20:36
Find/replace doesn't work for me, which is why I'm googling this topic in the first place. Is there a setting somewhere that disables this?

I want to delete ":" form the cells in a column (and "/" from the cells in another column). I ought to be able to highlight the column, ^H, type ":" (or "/") in the find field, leave the replace field blank, and click Replace All, and it should do it. Or Find Next/Replace/Replace/Replace through the cells one at a time. But it advances therough the cells but doesn't do anything. If I put something in the replace field, it will do the replace, but it won't replace with an empty string.
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