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Free Download Kutools for Excel 30.50

More than 300 powerful advanced features and functions for Excel.
Don't need any special skills, saving hours of time every day.
Support 44 languages, just like Microsoft Excel.
Easy to install, and easy to uninstall completely.
Permanently free AI features, with unlimited use after the trial.
30-day free trial with full features.
Increase your productivity in 5 minutes, no registration needed.
Trusted by 80,000+ businesses, choice of 500,000+ users.
No credit card required, no need to provide any information.
 KTE 125x125  Size: 65 MB  
 Free Trial: 30 days

For IT administrators or those requiring enterprise deployment, or for installations on a specific drive, the MSI file is recommended: Free download MSI package (32 & 64-bit).
Know how to distribute software within your company or organization.
Please download the Non-Ai package if you want to install the software without the AI feature.

All Features List

Get The Feature You Need The Most:

Kutools for Excel offers more than 300 advanced features to simplify your Excel work. Want to master any of these features? Simply type its name into the search box below. For example, to know about using "Find Duplicate", just type in 'find duplicate' or 'fi dup' in the search box.

view1 View Group

Navigation Pane: List sheets, workbooks, columns, names And insert auto text in Excel

Grid Focus (Reading Layout): Automatically highlight the entire row or column of the active cell

AI Aide: Revolutionize how you interact with Excel, offering an unprecedented level of support and automation.

Bigger Formula Bar: Show full contents of cell and enhance editing in Excel

Snap (Backup Current Workbook): Take snapshots of the current workbook for restoring the workbook easily

Data Form: Quickly create a data entry form in Excel

View Options: Quickly toggle workbook and worksheet settings in Excel

Show / Hide:

  Ranges & Cells Group


Copy Ranges: Easily copy multiple selections in Excel

Compare Cells: Easily compare two ranges of cells if they are equal or different in Excel

Prevent Typing:

Drop-down List:



To Actual; Easily replace formulas with calculated values/results in cells in Excel

Round (Without Formula): Quickly round cell values without formula in Excel

Merge & Split:

  Editing Group










Operation: Performs common math operations in cells, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc

Calculator: Quickly fetches values from cells for calculation and insert result into cells

formula1  Formula Group

Kutools Functions:

Formula Helper:

Exact (Formula) Copy: Quickly copy exact formulas without changing cell references in Excel

Super Lookup:

Name Tools:


Workbook & Sheets Group



Combine (Worksheets): Quickly merge / combine worksheets / workbooks or csv files into one workbook in excel

With this utility, you can achieve:

Table Merge: Update or merge two tables by a given matching column from two worksheets or workbooks

Split Data: Quickly split data into multiple worksheets based on selected column in excel

Format Converter: Quickly convert multiple xlsx files to xls or pdf files from local disk or onedrive

Split Workbook: Quickly split or save each worksheet of one workbook as separate excel / txt / csv / pdf files

Worksheet Design:


Split to Columns: Printing a list into multiple columns to fit on each printed page in excel

Import / Export:

  Filter & Statistic Group


Super Filter: Quickly filtering the whole worksheet by combining multiple conditions. You can add, delete or disable the conditions easily.

Special Filter:

Count by Color: Easily calculate cells by background color or font color.

Paging Subtotals: Quickly inserting and printing subtotals on each page in excel

Pivot Table:

Kutools AI Group

AI Aide: This powerful AI-driven feature revolutionizes how you interact with Excel, offering an unprecedented level of support and automation:

  • Intelligent Execution of Operations
  • Generate Custom Formula
  • Invoke matching Kutools for Excel functions based on your specific requirements
  • Data Analysis and Chart Creation
  • Create Custom Functions
  • Write VBA Code
  • Provide Operational Guidance
  • Fulfill Other Common Needs, such as text translation, function parsing and so on.

  Help - common processing

Re-run Last Utility: Quickly apply the utility of Kutools for Excel you have just launched before with one click.

Search: Easily search the function of kutools for excel

Feedback: Submit errors that you meet when running Kutools for Excel. And any suggestions about Kutools for Excel can also be sent here.


  • Languages: Set and change displaying language of Kutools for Excel.
  • Toolbar mode: Set and change the toolbar mode of Kutools tab and Kutools Plus tab to the suit your toolbar.
  • Setting Center:
    1. Disable or enable the Kutools add-in for Excel.
    2. Clear configurations and caches of this add-in.
    3. Set the language of the software.
    4. Check the user's registration information.
  • Resister: If you have purchased a license, you can register the software here, or you can click on the "Purchase" button to purchase a license from our website.
  • Check for Updates: Check and install the latest version of Kutools for Excel.
  • Configure Synchronization: Synchronize Kutools configuration between devices with an OneDrive Account.
  • Get Help: Get help from our website
  • About: Displays detailed information about Kutools for Excel, such as version, license information and so on.

Important Information

End Users License Agreement
This Software License Agreement is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and ExtendOffice. See the full End User License Aggreement on this page: End Users License Agreement.
How To Install And Uninstall Kutools for Excel?
You can easily install or uninstall Kutools for Excel by following the steps/procedure on this page: How To Install And Uninstall Kutools for Excel?.
How to Deploy The software In Your Company With the MSI Package?
If you want to deploy the software in your company with the MSI package, follow the steps/procedure on this page: Deploy The software In Your Company With the MSI Package.

Customer Reviews

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Kutools for Excel. View All Stories
  • "Hello, I am a private user and I use excel to study. I am in awe of the power of the Kutools tool. I have tried various addin to enhance excel and the best tool is Kutools. The kindness of the support is noteworthy, quick response and excellent willingness to collaborate. 100% recommendable! Thanks Kutools team !!"


  • "This software is genius, a colleague of mine uses Kutools for her PhD and her work in investigation in the field of engineering, and spoke wonders of it. I gave it a try and loved it.
    This software saved me so many hours in excel that I can't quantify how much time and work I gained from it."


  • "I usualy work with Excel and I found Kutools as a tool to make work more effective. In fact, Kutools is an excellent work tool. Now, I'm working on an Excel document that I need make some changes too. It's an important document, include all of students and it has many worksheets, so I will use kutools to turn my task more easier and faster. Thank you for this great tool."


  • "I am using KuTools for Excel. As a 70 year old I find some of Excel's functions very complicated & time consuming to work out how to use them. Excel is an excellent program but with KuTools it becomes superb.
    KuTools make complicated tasks easy & also saves loads of time. I recommended very highly."


  • "Kutools is absolutely the business! It does all the stuff that Excel should do but can't! The functions are unbelievable and every time I discover another one it just makes me smile and laugh how handy it is. Well done to the dev's. And this is not a paid review either. It's just a bloody handy tool. Many thanks!"


Frequently Ask Questions

Is the download free?
Yes, the download is free. We offer a 30-day free trial of Kutools for Excel.
What will happen once my trial is over?
After the trial ends, each feature of Kutools for Excel can be clicked only three times. If you want to continue using Kutools for Excel, you need to purchase a license.
Looking for a specific release?
You can find all news and updates for Kutools for Excel, as well as downloads for specific versions on this page: News and updates of Kutools for Excel.

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