Kutools - Combines More Than 200 Advanced Functions and Tools for Microsoft Excel

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If you are tired of merging worksheets one by one, or frustrated by all kinds of complicated tasks in Excel, Kutools for Excel is the handy tool for you to simplify complicated tasks into a few clicks. It enhances and adds more than 200 advanced functions for you to easily cope with various kinds of tasks in Excel. For example, you can combine sheets quickly, merge cells without losing data, paste to only visible cells, count cells by color, batch operations with one click in Excel and so on. Kutools for Excel is undoubtedly an incredible handy add-in which will save your time and effort.

See how Kutools for Excel save your time in Excel 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / Office 365

The software is described below, arranged by the Ribbon group in which they appear.

arrow blue right bubble  Utilities locating in the Kutools tab:

View GroupRange and Cells GroupEditing GroupFormula Group

arrow blue right bubble  Utilities locating in the Enterprise tab:

Workbook and Sheets GroupSecurity GroupFilter & Statistic Group

arrow blue right bubble View Group

arrow bigTrack Snap (Backup Current Workbook):
This utility has been renamed as Track Snap, which can take a snapshot of the current workbook with one click at any time, and click on the snapshot item will restore the workbook to the snapshot. Please note that this utility will only keep the snapshot available before closing the workbook, if the workbook has been closed, all snapshots of the workbook will be cleaned.
Navigation-Pane arrow bigNavigation Pane:
Navigation Pane does not only list all the workbooks, worksheets, columns and names in a built-in pane for you, but it also augments Excel with a fascinating feature which lets you easily take a glance at all the workbooks, worksheets, and switch between all of them. And what's more? You can quickly select and go to the specific column and name in your workbooks. You can drag and drop the Navigation Pane to any position in your working area, and it can be activated to hide or show with one click.
Work-Area-Size-icon arrow bigWork Area Size:
This utility has embodied 3 types of working area settings in your Excel. 1. To minimize the ribbon and hide the status bar; 2. To minimize the ribbon, hide the status bar and the formula bar; 3. To minimize the ribbon, hide the status bar, the formula bar and the ribbon. It's quite handy when you need to quickly minimize or hide the status bar and the formula bar for a large working area. You don't need to toggle them off one by one.
arrow bigReading Layout View:new f
It is inevitable that lines or columns will be misread when we check for formulas or data in a worksheet with a large number of rows and columns. Reading Layout will highlight the line and column of current cell. That will make it easier to check for data or enter data.
arrow bigShow Columns:new f
With this utility, you can quickly toggle hidden columns visibility with one click. One click will show all hidden columns in the used range, click again will set all hidden columns to be invisible.
arrow bigShow Worksheets:new f
Quickly toggle all hidden sheets visibility in current workbook. One click will toggle all hidden sheets to be visible, click again will toggle all hidden sheets to be invisible in current workbook.
Show-Hide arrow bigShow / Hide
A collection of tools allow you to quickly show or hide the workbooks, worksheets and ranges.
li-orangeHide / Unhide Workbooks and Sheets:new f
Interactively hide or unhide multiple workbooks and worksheets at one time. Normally you have to hide or unhide the workbook and worksheet one by one in Excel. This is a handy tool for you to handle a large workbook with a bundle of worksheets.
li-orangeView Options:
With this utility, you can quickly toggle any of the following settings: gridlines, horizontal scrollbar, vertical scrollbar, row and column headers, page breaks, formula view, sheet tabs, status bar, formula bar, full screen display, comment visibility, and object visibility. Save your time from looking for where to toggle any of the above settings. It's all done interactively, so you can see the preview before you commit to it.
li-orangeSet Scroll Area:new f
It's a fantastic way to set or limit the scrolling area in your workbook. If you move around your worksheet a lot, or if you have data you don't want readers to explore, this tool is convenient for you to limit the visible area of your worksheet to only that which has actual data.
li-orangeHide Non-selected sheets:
It allows you to quickly hide all the inactive (non-selected) sheets in the active (current) workbook with one click.
li-orangeHide Inactive Windows:
If you have opened multiple workbooks in Excel, this tool allows you to quickly hide all the other inactive workbooks with one click.
li-orangeUnhide All Ranges:
You can quickly unhide all the hidden ranges in active worksheet.
li-orangeUnhide All Sheets:new f
Unhide all hidden sheets of active workbook with one click. Normally you have to unhide all hidden worksheets one by one in Excel.
li-orangeUnhide All Windows:new f
Unhide all hidden workbooks with one click. Normally you have to unhide all hidden workbooks one by one in Excel.

arrow blue right bubble  Ranges and Cells Group

Modify arrow big Range Converter:
A collection of utilities allow you to quickly process the following operations in ranges and cells.
li-orangeMerge Same Cells:
Merge adjacent cells that contain the same value in a single column with one click. Please just select a single column, and click "Merge Same Cells", then all adjacent cells with same value will be merged.
li-orangeUnmerge Cell:
This utility will unmerge the merged cells in a range with one click, and auto-fill each unmerge cell with the corresponding content from original merged cell.
li-orangeFlip Horizontal Range:
Flip all cells in the selection horizontally with one click.
For example, if you have a row data, such as: 1, 2, 3, you can quickly reverse its order horizontally to 3, 2, 1.
li-orangeFlip Vertical Range
Flip all cells in the selection vertically with one click.
For example, if you have selected a column, containing the number 1, 2 and 3, this utility will reverse the order vertically to 3, 2, and 1.
li-orange Transpose Table Dimensions:
With this handy Transpose Table Dimension utility, you can conveniently convert a cross (two-dimensional) table to a flat (one-dimensional) list at once, and vice verse.
li-orange Transform Range:
Quickly transform a vertical column into rows with multiple columns. For example, you may have a single column of data which contains your customer's information, and each customer consists of 5 rows information (such as, name, sex, Tel, Email and Address). With this tool you can transform the single-column of data into a five column data table.
li-orange Swap Ranges:
Quickly swap ranges, columns, rows and cells in your workbook. The ranges for swapping must be identical in the same size. For example, you can't swap two columns with one column. You can quickly swap the cells or ranges on the same worksheet, on different worksheets or different workbooks. The formatting of cells will also be swapped, and the swap operation does not affect the formulas in the two ranges, and they continue referring to the original cells.
li-orange Sort Range Randomly:
With this utility, you can quickly sort cells in a range randomly, to sort cells based on each row or column randomly, to sort entire row or column randomly, to randomly select cells, entire rows or columns.
arrow bigCompare Ranges:
With this utility, you can quickly compare two ranges and select the same / duplicate cells or entire rows, different / unique cells or entire rows.
arrow bigPrevent Duplicate:
This utility can prevent entering duplicate data in a single column with one click. This utility achieves the same function as Excel's Data validation feature, but you just need to select a single column and then apply this utility, then you cannot type in duplicate values in the same column.
arrow big Copy Ranges:
Normally Excel does not allow you to copy multiple selected ranges, but with this utility you can copy multiple selected ranges at once.
arrow big Content Converter:
A collection of tools allow you to you to quickly process the following operations.
li-orange Convert between Text and Number:
With this utility, you can quickly convert cell value between text and number. It can also convert values in cells that are preceded by an apostrophe to number.
li-orange Convert Formula to Text:new f
With this utility, you can easily convert formulas to text format. Disadvantage: It will convert all cells of range into text format. We will enhance it in new version for only converting formula cells into text format.
li-orange Convert Text to Formula:new f
With this utility, it will convert formulas which have been stored as text format into real formulas.
li-orange Convert to Date:
With this utility, you can quickly identify and convert some non-standard date format which cannot be identifying by Excel as the normal data format. For example, it can easily convert and identify the following styles of date (such as "20120825", "2003 1 2 11:12:13.14PM", "2012.8.13") to the local date format (US) as "8/25/2012", "1/2/2003 11:12:13 PM", and "8/13/2012" in Excel.
li-orange Currency Conversion:
It's a handy currency utility, which brings you a quick way to convert more than 50 currencies in your Excel by using the latest exchange rates from the reliable Internet website. You can easily convert a single value or volume values from a range cells, and get the latest exchange rates at any time by updating from the reliable website (requires Internet connection).
li-orange Unit Conversion:
Quickly convert measurements from one unit to another in your Excel. It supports the following measurements: Angle, Bits bytes, Distance, Energy, Force, Source, Volume, Mass, Liquid, Time and Temperature.
li-orange Spell Out Numbers:
This utility can spell out numbers into English and Chinese words in Excel.
For example, it can spell out the "12.75" to "Twelve Dollars and Seventy five Cents".
li-orange Change Sign of Values:
With this Excel utility, you can easily fix trailing negative signs; change all negative signs to positive; change all positive signs to negative and reverse the sign of all values. You don't need to use a formula for processing the above operations.
li-orange Advanced Combine Rows:new f
With this utility, you can quickly combine multiple duplicate rows into one record based on key columns, and it also can apply some calculations such as sum, average, count and so on for other columns.
arrow big To Actual:
Quickly convert the real value or formula in selected cells into the displaying values. For example, you may insert a random number with inputting =RAND()*100 in a cell, and it displays 75.1203 in the cell. With this tool, you will remove the formula of =RAND()*100, but remain the displaying value of 75.1203.
arrow bigRound (Without Formula):
In Excel we can round numbers with functions or Format Cells command, however, both ways do not change the actual value of cells after rounding. This utility will round numbers in a range, and make the actual value of cells as displayed value.
arrow bigCombine (Rows & Columns):
With this utility you can combine selected cells based on rows or columns, and combine data from multiple columns (or rows) into a single cell.
For example, you can combine the data in columns A-D, and put it all into column A. You have three options to handle the data that has been combined. You can Keep it, delete it, or create merged cells. As an option, you can specify one or more characters to insert between the combined data (for example, new line or insert a text).

arrow blue right bubble  Editing Group

arrow bigSelect Tools:
A collection of tools make the selection of various items easier in Excel.
li-orange Select Range Helper:
It is a useful utility to help you select, deselect, and reverse multiple selections in the active workbook. With it, you can quickly do the following operations:
  1. Select multiple ranges without holding down Ctrl key;
  2. Deselect cells from selected ranges;
  3. Reverse selected ranges.
li-orange Select Interval Rows & Columns:
With this utility, you can easily select specific number of rows or columns at a specified interval in a large worksheet. For example, you can quickly select three rows at two rows interval.
li-orange Select Merged Cells:
Select all merged cells in a range with one click. Please just select a range and click "Select Merged Cells", then all merged cells in this range will be selected.
li-orangeSelect Cells with Max or Min Value:
This tool does not only select the minimum or maximum value in a selected range of cells but also goes to the exact position of the minimum or maximum value. In Excel, you can use the MIN and MAX function to select the minimum or maximum value, but it cannot go to the exact position of minimum or maximum value.
li-orangeSelect Cells with Error Value:
Selects all cells on the active worksheet with formula that produce an error value (such as #DIV/0!, #N/A ).
li-orangeSelect Unlocked Cells:new f
With this utility, you can quickly select all unlocked cells from a range. Tip: please specify a range before applying this utility.
li-orangeSelect Specific Cells:
Selects cells or entire row from a specified range that meet certain criteria. Once selected, you can apply other operations (such as, formatting or delete) to the cells or entire row.
li-orangeSelect Cells with Format:
Selects cells with the same formatting from a range cells according to the formatting of the base cell or the base cell attributes. Normally you can use this tool to determine how many cells with the same formatting of the base cells. Once selected, you can change the font size or color of the selected cells.
li-orangeSelect Duplicate & Unique Cells:
This utility can help you quickly select the duplicate or unique values or entire rows from a column or a range.
arrow bigInsert Tools:
A collection of insert tools.
li-orangeInsert Titles Rows:
Sometime we may need to add a title for each row, such as Salary bill. This utility can quickly insert titles for rows.
li-orange Insert Blank Rows & Columns:
This handy tool will save your time, and make it convenient for you to quickly insert multiple blank rows or columns at specific interval at a time.
li-orange Insert Sequence Number:
Quickly insert a unique (and consecutive) value into a cell in Excel. You can add text prefix or suffix and specify the number of digits for the number. For example, you can easily insert a series number as Kutools-XXXX-2011 (XXXX indicates the sequence number).
li-orange Fill Custom Lists:
Using this feature, you can quickly create your own custom lists and keep them into the list box, and then fill them into the worksheet cells vertically or horizontally.
li-orange Insert Random Data
With this utility, you can easily process the following operations in a range cells for you. A. Insert a sequence of integers randomly; B: Insert or generate random date; C. Insert or generate password (random data strings); D. Insert or generate specified formatting data strings; E. Insert or generate a custom list.
li-orangeInsert Date:
With this tool you can quickly insert a formatted date into a cell, just pick up a date with its date formatting and insert into a cell.
li-orange Fill Blank Cells:
This utility can save you time and help you quickly fill blank cells without overwrite original values in selections. With it, you can:
  • Fill blank cells with values above, below, left or right.
  • Fill blank cells with linear values.
  • Fill blank cells with fixed value, such as 0.
li-orange Batch Insert Check Box:new f
With it, you can easily insert check box in a cell or range. Tip: If you select a range, it will insert check box into all cells of the range.
li-orangeBatch Insert Option Button:new f
With it, you can easily insert option button in a cell or range. Tip: If you select a range, it will insert option button into all cells of the range.
Delete-Tools arrow bigDelete Tools:
A collection of tools allow you to quickly process the following operations.
li-orangeDelete Blank Rows:
With this tool you can quickly delete blank rows in selected range, selected worksheets, active worksheets and all worksheets. Normally it's quite difficult to delete all blank rows in a workbook with too many worksheets in Excel, but with this tool you can get it done with one click.
li-orange Delete Hidden (Visible) Rows & Columns:
With this utility, you can quickly delete all blank rows or blank columns, hidden rows or hidden columns and visible rows or visible columns from selected range, selected sheets, active sheet or all sheets.
li-orangeDelete Illustrations & Objects:
With this utility, you can:
1. Delete Charts
2. Delete Lines
3. Delete Pictures
4. Delete Auto shapes
5. Delete Smart Arts
6. Delete Text Boxes
7. Delete Embedded OLE Objects
8. Delete Linked OLE Objects
li-orangeDelete Web Controls:
This utility can help you delete all of the web controls with one click.
li-orangeRemove All Macros:
Quickly remove any of the following macros from your workbook: VBA modules, UserForms, Excel 5/95 dialog worksheets, or Excel 4 XLM macro worksheets.
Text-tools arrow bigText Tools:
It embodies a lot of handy operations for you to manipulate the text in cells. You can easily change case of the text, add text to the beginning, end or at a specified character position of the text; remove characters from the beginning, end, or at a specified character position from the text; remove spaces from the text; remove characters of a particular type from the text.
It includes:
1. Add Text
2. Extract Text new f
3. Remove Spaces
4. Remove by Position
5. Remove Characters
6. Change Case
7. Reverse Text Order
8. Replace Accented Characters
arrow big Format Tools:
A collection of tools for formatting.
li-orangeAlternate Row / Column Shading:
Quickly apply shading to alternate rows for a range cells in a worksheet from using the Conditional Formatting and standard formatting to improve the readability of your worksheet in Excel, and you don't need to know how to use the Conditional Formatting and standard formatting.
li-orangeSuperscript / Subscript (Formatting):
Easily format text as superscript or subscript in a cell. You can also apply the Bold and Italic attributes and the case (upper or lower) for alphabet characters. It's a perfect tool for you to work with mathematical or chemical formulas in Excel.
li-orangeApply Date Formatting:
With this utility you can quickly change the date formatting of the selected range.
li-orange Copy Cell Formatting:
To copy formatting from one place and apply it to another, you may use Format Painter. But the Format Painter will copy all formatting of the cell and apply it to another. This utility can help you copy some specific formatting of cell and apply it to another.
li-orange Clear All Cell Formatting:
Normally Excel does not support a tool to clear various types of cell format at once, but with this utility you can easily clear all cell formats from a range with one click.
li-orangeAdjust Cell Size:
This utility helps you to quickly adjust the row height and column width in pounds, centimeters, inches or pixels. It can apply to a range or the whole worksheet.
arrow big Link Tools:
A collection of tools for hyperlinks and external references (links).
li-orangeConvert Hyperlinks:
With this utility, you can quickly convert text (URL) into hyperlinks, apply multiple hyperlink addresses to cell content (text) and convert multiple hyperlink address into text in Excel.
li-orangeFind & Break Broken Links:
It can list all links (external reference) of active worksheet and break all broken links by replacing it with appreciate value in Excel.
li-orangeDelete Hyperlinks:
Quickly convert hyperlinks in cells to plain text. You can delete all hyperlinks in: selected Range; active worksheet; selected worksheets and all worksheets.
arrow bigMore Tools:
More tools will be located at here.
li-orange Kutools Calculator:
With this calculator you can carry out more than 10 types of mathematical operation. You can easily retrieve a value from a selected cell for calculating, and paste the calculating result into a specific cell. You can also use the keyboards to handle the calculator for operation.
li-orange Operation Tools:
Performs common math operations in cells, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. For example, you can easily use this tool to increase a column of prices of various products by 2 percent.
li-orangeChange Comment Shape:
Quickly change the shape of all comments in Excel.
li-orangeCell Comment Tools:
This tool does not only allow you to change the appearance of all comments easily, but also embodies other enhanced Excel comment management features for you, such as list all comments in a new workbook or worksheet, find and replace the text in comments, add or remove user name from comments and so on.
1. Create Comment List
2. Format Comment
3. Find / Replace Comment Text
4. Remove / Add User Name in Comment
5. Convert Comment and Cell

arrow blue right bubble  Formula Group

Exact-Formula-Copy arrow bigExact (Formula) Copy:new f
With this tool you can easily copy all the formulas without adjusting the relative cell references. Normally Excel will adjust the cell references if you copy your formulas to another location. Then if you want to process this operation in your Excel without using this tool, you have to lock all references with $.
Convert-References arrow bigConvert Refers (References):new f
This tool will convert the notation of references to cells in the formulas in your selected range. You can:
  1. Convert formulas to absolute referencing ($F$5)
  2. Convert formulas to relative referencing (F5)
  3. Convert formulas to relative rows and absolute columns ($F5)
  4. Convert formulas to absolute rows and relative columns (F$5)
For example: [=F5*(G12/100)] becomes [=$F5*($G12/100)]
More-Tools arrow bigMore Tools:
More tools for handling formulas in Excel.
li-orangeReplace Range Names:new f
This tool augments Excel with a feature for replacing a name reference in the selected formulas with the corresponding reference. For the cells contain formulas, this is a quite handy feature for you to continue using name references without affecting the selected formulas.
li-orangeError Condition Wizard:new f
This tool is sophisticated designed for adding error condition to a formula or group of formulas. With this tool you can easy to display a custom message for formulas that produce errors. This means that instead of e.g. #VALUE!. You can have your own error message displayed.
li-orangeFill Worksheets References:new f
This utility can help you quickly to fill same cell references from multiple worksheets into one worksheet. You can fill them vertically or horizontally. Supposing you have a workbook which contains multiple worksheets, and now you want to extract all the same cell references (A1, for example) from other worksheets into one worksheet, with this function, you can quickly get the result =Sheet1!A1, =Sheet2!A1, =Sheet3!A1, =Sheet4!A1… into a master worksheet.

arrow blue right bubble  Workbook and Sheets Group

Workbook-Tools arrow bigWorkbook Tools:
A collection of tools allow you to quickly process the following operations in workbook.
li-orange Split Workbook: new f
Easily split each worksheet of active workbook as an individual Excel file (one file contains one worksheet), and each Excel file carries the name of the worksheet. You can set to skip all the blank and hidden worksheets.
li-orange File Format Converter: new f
Normally in Excel, you can apply the Save as function to save the Excel file format from XLSX to XLS, or vice versa, also can save the Excel file to PDF file. But if you have multiple Excel files need to be converted formats, this way will not be a good choice. So with this File Format Converter function, you can quickly and easily finish the following operations:
  • Convert multiple XLSX files to XLS files in Excel
  • Convert multiple XLS files to XLSX files in Excel
  • Convert multiple excel workbooks to PDF files in Excel
li-orange Insert Workbook Information:new f
Quickly insert workbook name or saving path of current workbook or current worksheet name in header, footer, or a specified cell.
li-orange Open Containing Folder:
Quickly open the folder which the active workbook stays in.
li-orange Copy Full Path:
Quickly copy the full path of the active workbook, and then you can paste the full path of the active workbook to the place you want to use it.
li-orange Auto Open Those Workbooks Next Time:
With this tool you can easily configure which open workbooks to be opened automatically next time while you launch the Excel. If you need to open the same multiple workbooks every time in your Excel, this tool can really save your time.
Worksheet-Tools arrow bigWorksheet Tools:
A collection of tools allow you to quickly process the following operations in worksheets.
li-orangeSynchronize Worksheets:new f
Quickly toggle all the worksheets of the active workbook pointing on the same row number (each worksheet has the same range selection and upper left cell as the active sheet).
li-orangeSort Sheets:
With this tool you can quickly rearrange all worksheets, charts, Excel 4.0 macro sheets, and dialog sheets in active workbook. It supports with one click to alphanumerically sort sheets.
li-orangeRename Multiple Worksheets:
Quickly rename multiple worksheets of the active workbook at one time. You can choose to rename multiple worksheets by using the worksheet names from a range cells.
li-orangeCreate List of Sheet Names:new f
With this tool you can quickly create a list of all worksheet names of the active workbook in a new workbook, which contains hyperlinks or macro buttons for quickly navigate to other worksheets.
li-orangeCopy Multiple Worksheets:
Quickly make multiple copies of the active worksheet, or to insert multiple worksheets with customized worksheet names into your workbook. You can specify a range cells that contain your worksheet names for the copied worksheets or the inserted worksheets.
li-orangeCreate Sequence Worksheets:new f
Quickly create a new workbook with customized worksheet names. You can easily specify the worksheet name by using: month names, day names, numerical sequence, a series, custom list and date in a range. For example, you can quickly create a new workbook with worksheet names: Company-1, Company-2, Country-1 and Country-2, etc.
li-orangePerpetual Calendar:new f
This utility can:
Quickly create a new workbook to lay out a specified month calendar (or 12 months), and each worksheet contains one calendar month in the new workbook.
li-orange Split Data:new f
This utility can split data in a range into multiple worksheets based on specific columns or fixed rows.
1. Select a range that you want to split.
2. Specify the Split basis.
3. Specify the new worksheets names, also you can add the prefix or suffix text.
4. Click "OK".
li-orangeDelete Blank Worksheets:
Quickly delete all the blank worksheets (included hidden worksheets) from the active workbook.
li-orangeDelete All Hidden Sheets:
Quickly delete all hidden worksheets from the active (current) workbook.
li-orange Combine (Worksheets):
With this utility, you can easily:
1. Quickly combine multiple worksheets / ranges from workbooks into one worksheet;
2. Quickly merge / combine all worksheets of same name across workbooks into one worksheet;
3. Quickly merge / combine worksheets or workbooks into one workbook;
4. Quickly summarize / calculate data from multiple worksheets into one worksheet.
li-orange Split Data:new f
This utility can split data in a range into multiple worksheets based on specific columns or fixed rows.
1. Select a range that you want to split.
2. Specify the Split basis.
3. Specify the new worksheets names, also you can add the prefix or suffix text.
4. Click "OK".
Import-Export arrow bigImport / Export:
A collection of tools allow you to quickly process the following operations.
li-orangeExport Range to File:new f
Easily export a range of date to a file, either an Excel workbook, a CSV, a simple HTML or all formatting HTML.
li-orangeExport Range as Graphic:new f
Quickly convert a range (and the graphic objects displayed in the range) of the active worksheet to an image in Gif, JPEG, TIF or PNG format.
li-orange Export Graphics:new f
Normally if you want to export a chart from Excel, you may need to copy this chart and paste it on a drawing tool, and then save it as an image file. With this utility, you can exported a lot of graphics as images quickly.
1. Specify the graphic types, such as charts, pictures or shapes.
2. Select the graphics you want to export.
3. Specify a folder to save the exported graphics.
4. Click "OK".
li-orangeInsert File at Cursor:new f
Quickly insert complete content of worksheet, CSV file, text file or PRN file into current cursor position of active worksheet. For example, with this tool you can easily insert multiple worksheets –with the same data structure- from different workbooks into a single worksheet.
li-orangeFilename List:new f
Microsoft Windows® does not provide a way to print a list of the file names contained in a directory. With this tool you can easily create a new workbook containing a list of the filenames from a specified directory, you can choose to include the sub-directory and create hyperlinks to the file names.
li-orangeCreate Folders Based on Cell Contents:new f
This utility can help you easily create lots of file folders in a specified location with using the contents from cells as file folder name in Excel. For example, you can quickly create a file folder for each of employees by using their names to name the file folder.
Import-Export arrow bigPrinting:
A collection of tools allow you to quickly process the following operations.
li-orangePrint Multiple Workbooks Wizard:new f
Quickly print multiple workbooks and text files from a specified directory or across multiple directories. You can specify the type of files to be printed from a directory or multiple directories. You can choose to generate a summary report, if any errors occurred while printing, you will have it in the report.
li-orangePrint Multiple Selection Wizard:new f
Quickly printing multiple non-contiguous ranges without a page break between ranges. Normally, when you print a multiple selection, Excel inserts a page break between each range in your selection. You can also rearrange the order of selections to be printed.
li-orangeCopy Page Setup:new f
Quickly copy the page setup setting from active worksheet to the other worksheets in the same workbook. Page setup settings include items such as headers, footers, margins, page orientation, and so on.
li-orangePaging Subtotals:new f
Sometimes when we print the salary sheet and sales revenue report in Excel, we may want to print additional information (such as Sum, Max value) on each printed page. With this utility, you can insert two new rows at the end of each printed page. The first row contains operation titles, and the second row contains relative data.
arrow big Import Pictures:new f
This utility can help you import multiple pictures from the same directory in worksheet. You can specify the arrangement rule and height for all pictures.
1: Select a cell where to start import pictures.
2: Specify the directory to import pictures. You can also specify how many pictures you want to import in each row and configure height of pictures.
3:Click "OK".
arrow big Print Multiple Columns:new f
With this utility, you can quickly print columns in multiple segments to fit on one printed page in Excel. Let's say you have 200 names in a column, and want to print them in columns of 50 on one printed page. With this utility, you can quickly get it done, and it will save much ink and paper.
1:Select both Data range and Titles range.
2:Specify the row number and column number on per page.
3:Click "OK", and it will generate a new worksheet which display data in columns.
arrow big Print Current Page:new f
This utility allows you to quickly print the printed page (current page) which active cell locates in with one click.

arrow blue right bubble  Security Group

arrow big Encrypt Cells:new f
With this utility, you can encrypt the selected cells. (the formula cells can not be encoded).
1: Select the range that you want to encrypt.
2: Click "Encrypt Cells".
3: Input the password. (The password can be letters, numbers and special characters)
arrow big Decrypt Cells:new f
This utility will only decrypt the cells which have encrypted with Encrypt Cells of Kutools for Excel.
arrow big Protect Worksheet:new f
With this utility, you can quickly protect multiple worksheets with the same password in current workbook.
1:Only the unprotected worksheets will be listed in the dialog box, please select the worksheets that you want to protect and click "OK".
2:Enter a password to protect worksheets, and you can set other options for how you would like the worksheets to be protected.
3:Click "OK".
arrow big Unprotect Worksheet:new f
If there are multiple worksheets have been protected by using a password, this utility can quickly unprotect multiple worksheets with the password.                                                                                                      
1:Only the protected worksheets will be listed in the dialog box, please select the worksheet you want to unprotect and click OK.
2:Enter the password to unprotect the worksheets.

arrow blue right bubble  Filter & Statistic Group

arrow big Count by Color:
This utility will calculate the cells based on cell background color in the range and generate a report with information, such as how many cells that have the same background color, the sum value of same background color cells, the average value of same background color cell, the max value of same background color and the min value of same background color cell.
arrow bigPaging Subtotals:
Insert a row into each printed page for analyzing and calculate each column, such as sum value, count value, average value, max value, min value, product and count numbers of each column.
arrow big Advanced Sort:new f
With this utility, you can quickly sort data in a range or table by Text length, Month, Last name, Day, Absolute value, Odd and even number, Mail domain and Frequency. With the built-in Excel Sort command, you can only sort data by values, Cello Color, Font Color and Cell Icon.
arrow big Super Filter:
This utility supports quickly filtering the whole worksheet by combining multiple conditions. You can add, delete or disable the conditions easily.
arrow big Re-run Last Utility:
Quickly apply the utility of Kutools for Excel you have just launched before with one click.
arrow bigHelp information
Detailed information about Kutools for Excel.
li-orange Setting Center:
It includes the following Settings:
1: Disable or enable the Kutools add-in for Excel.
2: Clear configurations and caches of this add-in.
3: Set the language of software.
4: Check the user's registration information.
li-orange Register:
If you have purchased a license, you can register the software here, or you can click on the "Purchase" button to purchase license from our website.
li-orange About:
Displays detailed information about Kutools for Excel, such as version, license information and so on.

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Very helpful to convert a lot of excel '97 files to xlsx! Thanks a lot!


Great Software has been designed

Henderson Yap
Henderson Yap

I've been saving time with Kutools for years and I cannot easily describe my delight when I search for a solution to an excel calculation or action to find right on top or close to the top, there is Extendoffice answering my problem AND telling me how to solve it with more than one or two ways... manually with a formula, with VBA and with Kutools. I think what I like the best is their lack of stinginess - and the support is great when I can't find my registration code.

Extend Office is a great product and I am considering using their Kutools for Outlook to help simplify my inbox and make my emails magical!

Thanks Extend Office, and the person or persons behind the name!


It is very useful software. As i am statistical officer and need to implement too much formulas again and again. It is very usefull tool.

Harvinder Kaur
Harvinder Kaur

I needed an excel product that would save me the time of writing all those formulas and KuTools did exactly what it was supposed to do. No more trying how to count the yellow background cells on a page and compare it to the number of red background cells. KuTools does it all automatically. That is just one example, the package has formulas for problems we did not know existed. The hundreds of hours that would have otherwise been spent on creating the formulas is now a thing of the past and that time can be put to constructive and profitable efforts. Thank you KuTools for such a wonderful product.




It was really nice to use, I want to use it more.

Caryl Martin
Caryl Martin

I recently purchased from your company several pieces of software for use with Microsoft Office:

- Office Tab
- Kutools for Word
- Kutools for Outlook
- Classic Menu for Office 2010 and 2013

Because my office uses Microsoft Office for the reason that some of my clients insist upon it, I have found the use of the software very difficult (I am used to using TextMaker and Kingsoft Office for my own personal uses). I have been looking for something that would give me some of the same ease-of-use in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook as do our preferred programs.

Your excellent software is exactly what we were looking for. It installs easily, works perfectly, and makes the Microsoft Office applications (we are using 2010) easier-to-use and much more convenient.

Most of our principal complaints about Microsoft Office have been solved by your software programs. The classic menu and tabs programs make Microsoft Word much more pleasant to use. The Kutools for Outlook and Word a particular favorites because they really make it much easier to use those programs effectively.

Thank you for excellent and extremely useful software, I can see that it will become indispensable to me as I learn its large number of very useful features.

John Sutherland
John Sutherland

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