unanswered MS Excel Problem - Copy and Paste Rows from workshee1 to Worksheet2 -NOT WORKING

6 months 2 days ago #2055 by AlohaBill
Good morning,
My name is Bill Johnston. Today I downloaded the following Excel Code VBA procedure from your website:
How to copy rows and paste to another sheet based on date in Excel?
How to copy rows and paste to another sheet based on date selection criteria in Excel? Supposing, I have a range of data, now, I want to copy the entire rows based on a specific date and then paste them into another sheet.
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Customer Problem Description:
I installed it on my computer and I ran a test on your Extend Office supplied VBA code using your Extend Office supplied test data. When I ran it on my Windows 10 computer, running MS Excel 2010, the result was that the VBA code did execute; however, it did not work, because absolutely nothing happened. This VBA code is supposed to copy and paste rows of data based on date selection criteria dialog boxes. 

The Excel data and VBA code that I used is attached to this email. If you run this VBA code against this data you will see what I mean i.e. nothing happens.
The problem is that I do not understand why it is not working.  I suspect the code may not be recognizing the date format in the date column of the worksheet, but for the life of me, I am completely baffled as to why? 

Thank you very much.
Bill Johnston
07840 163288

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