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Excel Functions Guide | ExtendOffice



DAVERAGE Return average that match the specific criteria. Database Field Criteria

Date and Time

DATE Create date with year, month and day year month day
DATEDIF Return the years, months or days between two dates start_date end_date unit
DATEVALUE Convert a date stored as text format to a valid date date_text
DAY Get the day as a number (1 to 31) from a date date
DAYS Get the number of days between two dates start_date end_date
DAYS360 Get the number of days between 2 dates in a 360-day year start_date end_date method
EDATE Add n months for a date start_date months
EOMONTH Get the last day of month n months in future or past start_date months
ISOWEEKNUM Get ISO week number from a given date date
HOUR Get the hour as a number (0 to 23) from a date time Serial_number
MINUTE Return the minute as number (0 to 59) from time serial_number
MONTH Get the month as integer number (1 to 12) from date serial_number
NETWORKDAYS Get the number of working days between two dates Start_date End_date Holidays
NETWORKDAYS.INTL Get workdays between two dates Start_date End_date Weekend Holidays
NOW Get the current date and time  
SECOND Return the seconds as number (0 to 59) from time serial_number
TIME Create time with hours, minutes and seconds Hour Minute Second
TIMEVALUE Get time from a text string time_text
TODAY Get the current date  
WEEKDAY Get day of the week as a number (1 to 7) from date Serial_number Return_type

Lookup and Reference

ADDRESS Return the cell address reference by column number and row number. Row_num Column_num Abs_num A1 Sheet_text
AREAS Return the number of areas that make up the reference Reference
CHOOSE Return a value from the list of value argument by the given index number Index_num Value1 [Value2]
COLUMN Return the number of column which formula appears or the column number of given reference Reference
COLUMNS Return the total number of columns in a given array or reference Array
FORMULATEXT Return a formula as a text string from a given reference Reference
GETPIVOTDATA Return data based on the pivot table structure data_field pivot_table [field1, item1]
HLOOKUP Look up a value in table by matching first row Value Table Row_index [Range_lookup]
HYPERLINK Create a hyperlink which links to a given web page, a cell reference Link_location [Friendly_name]
INDEX Returns the displayed value based on a given position from a range or an array Array Row_num [Col_num] [Area_num]
INDIRECT Convert a text string to a valid reference ref_text a1
LOOKUP Find certain value in a one-column range lookup_value lookup_vector [result_vector]
MATCH Get the position of an item in an array lookup_value lookup_array [match_type]
MMULT Return the matrix products of two arrays Array1 Array2
OFFSET Return a reference offset from a starting point Reference Rows Cols [height] [width]
ROW Return row number of a reference [reference]
ROWS Return the number of rows in a reference or an array Array
TRANSPOSE Rotate the orientation of a range or array Array
VLOOKUP Lookup a value in a table by matching on the first column and return value from a certain column lookup_value Table_array Col_index [Range_lookup]


FV Figure out the future value of an investment rate nper pmt pv type
FVSCHEDULE Figure out future value of a lump sum investment with adjustable interest rates principal Schedule
INTRATE Figure out the interest rate for a fully invested security Settlement Maturity Investment Redemption Basis
IRR Figure out the internal rate of return for a series of cash flows that occur at regular intervals Values Guess
ISPMT Figure out interest payment of given period of an investment or loan rate Per nper pv
MDURATION Figure out the modified Macauley duration for a security settlement Maturity Coupon Yld Frequency Basis
MIRR Figure out modified internal rate of return for a series of cash flows Values Finance_rate Reinvest_rate
IPMT Figure out the interest payment for the specified period for an investment or load rate per Nper fv type


ABS Return the absolute value of number. Number
AGGREGATE Return based on the specific used function. Function_num Options Ref1 [Ref2]
ARABIC Return an arabic number by the given roman number. Text
ASIN Return an angle of triangle in radians. Number
CEILING Round number up to nearest multiple Number Multiple
CEILING.MATH Round number up to nearest multiple or nearest integer Number [Significance] [Mode]
CEILING.PRECISE Round number up to nearest multiple or nearest integer ignoring sign of number Number [Significance]
COS Return the cosine of an angle given in radians. Number
DECIMAL Return decimal number. Text Radix
DEGREES Return an angle in degrees. Angle
SUMIF Return the summation for a list of numbers based on the specific criteria. Range Criteria Sum_range
SUMIFS Return the summation for a list of numbers that meet all specific criteria. Sum_range Range1 Criteria1 ...
SUMPRODUCT Return the result of multiplied and summed arrays. Array1 Array2 ...
TAN Return the tangent value of an angle. Number
TRUNC Return a truncated number based on a given precision. Number Mum_digits


AND Test multiple conditions to return True or False. Logical1 Logical2 ...
FALSE Generate the logical FALSE value.  
IF Test for a specific condition. logical_test value_if_true value_if_false
IFERROR Trap and deal with errors. value value_if_error
IFNA Trap and deal with #N/A errors. value value_if_na
IFS Test multiple conditions to return the first match. test1 value1 test2,value2 ...
NOT Reverse the arguments or results. logical
OR Test multiple conditions with OR. logical1 logical2 ...
SWITCH Match multiple values, but return the first match. expression value1,result1 value2,result2 ... default
TRUE Generate the logical TRUE value  
XOR Perform the exclusive OR function. logical1 logical2 ...


COUNT Return the number of cells contain numbers. Value1 [Value2]
COUNTA Return the number of cells excluding empty cells. Value1 [Value2]
COUNTBLANK Return the number of empty cells. Range
COUNTIF Return the number of cells that meet a criterion. Range Criteria
COUNTIFS Return the number of cells that meet multiple critera. Criteria_range1 Criteria1 ...


CHAR Return the character specified by a number. Number
CLEAN Remove all non-printable characters from the given text. Text
CODE Return a numeric code of the first character in a given text string. Text
CONCAT Join texts from multiple columns, rows or ranges together. Text1 Text2 ...
CONCATENATE Join two or more texts items from multiple cells into one. Text1 Text2 ...