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Excel Functions Guide | ExtendOffice

Date and Time
DATE Create date with year, month and day year month day
DATEIF Return the years, months or days between two dates start_date end_date unit
DATEVALUE Convert a date stored as text format to a valid date date_text
DAY Get the day as a number (1 to 31) from a date date
DAYS Get the number of days between two dates start_date end_date
DAYS360 Get the number of days between 2 dates in a 360-day year start_date end_date method
EDATE Add n months for a date start_date months
EOMONTH Get the last day of month n months in future or past start_date months
ISOWEEKNUM Get ISO week number from a given date date
HOUR Get the hour as a number (0 to 23) from a date time Serial_number
MINUTE Return the minute as number (0 to 59) from time serial_number
MONTH Get the month as integer number (1 to 12) from date serial_number
NETWORKDAYS Get the number of working days between two dates Start_date End_date Holidays
NETWORKDAYS.INTL Get workdays between two dates Start_date End_date Weekend Holidays
NOW Get the current date and time  
SECOND Return the seconds as number (0 to 59) from time serial_number
TIME Create time with hours, minutes and seconds Hour Minute Second
TIMEVALUE Get time from a text string time_text
TODAY Get the current date  
WEEKDAY Get day of the week as a number (1 to 7) from date Serial_number Return_type
Lookup and Reference
ADDRESS Return the cell address reference by column number and row number. Row_num Column_num Abs_num A1 Sheet_text
AREAS Return the number of areas that make up the reference Reference
CHOOSE Return a value from the list of value argument by the given index number Index_num Value1 [Value2]
COLUMN Return he number of column which formula appears or the column number of given reference Reference
COLUMNS Return the total number of columns in a given array or reference Array
HLOOKUP Look up a value in table by matching first row Value Table Row_index [Range_lookup]
INDEX Returns the displayed value based on a given position from a range or an array Array Row_num [Col_num] [Area_num]