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unanswered How to lookup name between two sheets based on a selected parameter

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1 year 3 months ago #1321 by vijitkumar@gmail.com
At any given point of time a value from a specific column for eg: name will be compared between two sheets for a specified parameter for eg: Team size. The challenge though is that there should be a provision to select the first and second sheet in which the specific column and the specific parameter needs to be compared

The attached file has all the details. I will outline the logical flow of events

Step1: Select first sheet for comparison
Step2: Select second sheet for comparison (both these steps should be achieved through some automation and not manually)
Step3: Specify the value to be looked up. For eg: in this case, "Sam" from "name" column.
Step4: Specify the parameter to be compared for Sam. In this case, "Team size".
Step5: Value in first sheet for Sam-Text size to be returned
Step6: Value in second sheet for Sam-Text size to be returned
Step7: Compare the two values and say whether they match or do not match.

I have managed to figure out only Step 7 so far :-)

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