Quickly copy multiple sheets (worksheets) multiple times in Excel

It's quite easy to copy one worksheet in Excel, but if you want to copy multiple worksheets in a workbook, you might need to spend much time in repeated mouse clicks, because Excel does not support to quickly copy multiple worksheets at a time. For example, if you want 10 copies of the active worksheet, you have to right-click the sheet tab and make the copy one by one for 10 times. That's a really time-consuming operation. Kutools for Excel's Copy Worksheets tool can help you quickly copy multiple worksheets at once.

arrow blue right bubble Click Enterprise >> Worksheet >> Copy Worksheets. See screenshot:

shot copy multiple worksheets 01

arrow blue right bubbleUsage:

1. Apply this utility by clicking Enterprise > Worksheet > Copy Worksheets.

2. In the Copy Multiple Worksheets dialog box, specify the worksheet that you want to copy from Copy the selected worksheets, input the number of copies, and then select the location of the copies under Insert copy worksheets option. See screenshot:

shot copy multiple worksheets 02

Note: Checking the checkbox before Worksheet name will select all worksheets, and unchecking this checkbox will unselect all worksheets.

3. Then click OK. A prompt box will remind you the number of copies.

shot copy multiple worksheets 03

4. Click OK. The selected worksheet has been copied multiple copies. See screenshots:

arrow blue right bubbleNote:

This function supports Undo.

arrow blue right bubbleSee Copy/New Sheets feature demo (video 1)

Video 1. Copy/New Sheets feature demo.

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