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Quickly hide or unhide workbooks and sheets (worksheets) in Excel

To hide or unhide workbooks and worksheets in Excel, it’s quite useful to prevent others from seeing the data in Excel, or reduce the number of worksheet tabs. Normally, you have to select multiple worksheets before changing the hidden status of them, if you want to hide multiple worksheets at one time in Excel, and the worse thing is Excel does not support you to quickly unhide all hidden worksheets, you have to get it done one by one. That’s painful. But with this Hide / Unhide Workbooks and Sheets tool of Kutools for Excel, you can:

  1. Hide or unhide all open workbooks with one click.
  2. Quickly hide or unhide any open workbooks.
  3. Hide or unhide all sheets (at least one visible worksheet in a workbook) with one click.
  4. Making a worksheet very hidden.
  5. Quickly hide or unhide any worksheets (at least one visible worksheet in a workbook) in any open workbooks

Note: It's all done interactively, you can see the effect immediately.

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 Click Kutools >> Show & Hide >> Hide/Unhide Workbooks and Sheets. See screenshots:

shot hide unhide1 arrow-big shot-hide-unhide5


  1. The checked workbooks will be unhidden. Conversely, the unchecked workbooks will be hidden.
  2. If you want to hide some of the worksheets, you can click Visible drop down list to choose Visible, Hidden or Very Hidden after the worksheet that you need. See screenshot:


  • Hidden: if you choose this option, the worksheet that you have selected will be hidden, and you can unhide it by Unhide Sheet function.
  • Very Hidden: with this option, you can hide the worksheets absolutely that others can not display.


  • Hide all” button will hide all workbooks; “Unhide all” button will unhide all workbooks.
  • Hide all but” button will hide all the inactive worksheets; “Unhide all” button will unhide all worksheets.
  • You cannot hide all worksheets in a workbook. But you can hide an entire workbook.

Demo: hide or unhide workbooks and sheets (worksheets) in Excel

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Screen shot of Kutools for Excel

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