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What shall I do if I don’t receive the license information after placing the order?

Author: Tech Support Last Modified: 2022-05-06

1. If you choose to purchase our software via MyCommerce, we suggest you confirm whether your order has been successfully processed by checking on:


In theory, once your order is validated, our system will automatically send you a registration e-mail containing the download URL. If you do not receive it on time, perhaps it is tagged as a SPAM or it's because of the delay of Internet or system glitches. Or, maybe the order failed to be processed.

2. If you choose to purchase our software via PayPal, please go to check the email account of your PayPal. If you have multiple email addresses in your PayPal account, please go to check the first / primary email address of the PayPal account.

3. You can also go to submit a form with your order information to retrieve your license information from here.